Will the Babe Ever Grow up?
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 by Frank Shortt
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When young couples have their first child
They can't wait until it first walks
They can't wait until it first talks
They brag about each first it chalks!

As the child grows to adulthood
The couple awaits all the signs
That the child is intelligent,
Will be great during life, and shine!

Why's the Babe left in a manger?
In a squalid stable's foul stench
Wrapped in cloth used for oxen's necks,
That lined the yoke, chafing to quench?

Oh, why won't they let Him grow up?
Why still hanging on a cruel cross?
Hasn't He grown to full manhood?
He's swapped for an old Santa Claus!

Someone's using the Babe wrongly,
For commercial gain, I'm afraid,
As more's being spent for Christmas
Than for our food and our aid!

I say that Christ is fully grown
His love and His peace to impart,
The Spirit of Truth's here today
Living in the believer's heart!