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 by Frank Shortt
Why Weep for Me?
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(Requiem for Decency)

We can only conjecture what any one of us would be saying at our own funeral. In light of recent events, even in the Capitol of our nation, this would be what any decent citizen would be saying as they were eulogized!

Please do not weep for me who has gone on ahead! I am meeting my predetermined fate as one who did the best I could. I am resting from all my labors! Weep for the ones who will continue to struggle against the terrors of darkness, the pandemics in the world, and the uncertainty of our own way of government. Hate abounds in the world, all over the world, so weep for the ones who are receiving that hate. Weep for the ones who are not allowed to speak for fear that they could end up in prison, or even worse, put to death for speaking out.

Weep for the military men on foreign shores who are fighting for what they think is the best way of life, oftentimes, ridiculed by their own leaders when something goes awry in their operations. Weep for them, who have left home, relatives and friends to protect a way of life that is still uncertain even while they are still in action. Weep for their orphans and widows left to fend for themselves when dad does not return, except in a body bag! Conflict always extends these horrible situations. Weep for them!

While you are weeping, do not forget those who are sleeping outside in inclement weather, sometimes freezing weather! With their mouths agape, they wish for a shortening of their destitution. Donít only weep, open up your hearts to them and extend a helping hand! Also, weep for the abused children, the abused husbands and wives, as the case may be. Weep and pray that they may have a way of escape and be shown perfect love by someone. Weep for the homeless that are truly homeless! Weep, because you do not know, in these uncertain times, when you could be homeless!

As you have been shown love by others, impart that love to as many people as will allow you to do so. Weep for them!

 Lastly, weep for yourselves because of what could easily come upon each of you in the days to come. Weep for your country that is so divided that it will take a miracle to heal the divide. For several years the two houses of Congress have fought each other instead of coming together for all your good! Weep and pray that somehow mercy will be extended so that you may enter your future home justified!

Once there was a weeping prophet in another place and time who wept for his country because of all the lying, cheating, hatred, and even murder happening all around him. How could he speak good things when all that he saw was evil? The leaders of that country were also divided into two factions, insomuch, that they became two different nations! Even with all the warnings of the weeping prophet that were not heeded, they were taken into slavery by an unfeeling nation! Is this the future for our children? Is this what each of us as citizens want for our nation? Weep, and weep some more that this is not happening already!