What Inspires Me?
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There is so much inspiration around me that this will not be a difficult question to answer.  Who, needing inspiration, can but look around to find it?

Mother Nature surprises us in many ways. When a rainbow appears after a rain sometimes, doubling up to make a double-whammy, that is very inspirational. A sunset of many hues inspires me to wish to be a great artist! Birds singing on a warm morning inspire me to be up and going about the day’s activities.  Bees buzzing remind me that by staying busy keeps the mind from moving into negative channels.

When a person is performing their job in a professional manner it inspires me to strive harder to do my job better. When I see a person dressed in their native garb going about acting naturally, this inspires me to never put on airs. Attending gatherings of different cultures inspires me to think of the Creator who made us all and made us different for His own enjoyment.

There was a man I knew a few years ago named Rudy Caloca. He was one of those rare individuals that took any situation in hand and seemed to make it come out right. He had fought in the Korean War and had all that experience to draw on. When he came back to the states he worked for Ford Manufacturing Company until they closed the San Jose plant. He could have easily retired completely, through investments and the pension he received from Ford, but he chose to come to work for me when I was Chief of Operations at the School Department in East San Jose. He began as a substitute custodian showing wonderful aptitude for being the best there was. Some guys do this in order to gain permanent employment then when this happens they begin to slack off. Not so with Rudy! When a school opened up needing a permanent custodian, he applied for it and was hired readily as he had gained a reputation for being punctual, creative, helpful, and just an all-around good employee! He inspired me to be a much better leader of men and to not complain when the going got rough. He would even come to my home when I was away on a trip for vacation etc. and prune my fruit trees plus take away all the clippings! He inspired me to always try to be helpful to others. When he passed away, I was sad for many days and wondered if I would ever meet another man as inspirational as he.

The next man I met, who inspired me, was named Guido Droira. He was an immigrant from Ecuador who first settled in Chicago as he had relatives there. He worked himself through high school, knowing little English, and finally settled in the Santa Clara valley working himself through San Jose State University. He had become an engineer before I met him but never Lorded it over me that he was anything special. He was always a friend from very early in our relationship. As I had left home at an early age I was always in search of someone who would be a brother to me. This has happened, and more! I am inspired when I see him going out to the Hispanic community and helping anyone in need, both spiritually and physically. All anyone has to do is make known a need and Guido is there. He, along with his wife, Maria, (his helpmate) and their son Jomar, who is handicapped by the way, can be seen any hour of the night or day going about helping someone. They are an inspiration to all that they meet in one way or the other. He even helps those of other Latin countries when they find out his capabilities. It would be very difficult to find another man of his caliber in any situation or community. He has inspired me to be more than I thought I could be. He also has inspired me by his faithfulness to his calling. All his employers in the tech industry were happy to have him on their staff. He would take on a most difficult situation and make it come out right!

As I stated beforehand, all one has to do is look right before their eyes to find inspiration to be anything they would want to be. Of course, it would take many pages to tell about all the ones who have inspired me to be all that I can be!