Wall Guardians
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 by Frank Shortt
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There has always been a problem with wall guardians! In every civilization men were posted at the gates to cities to insure that no enemy could enter the city. These guardians were not always of the highest caliber! Because of lack of character, these guardians sometimes allowed the wrong people inside the gates!

The Great Wall of China was built by the Chu State beginning in the 7th Century BC. It is actually a series of fortification systems built by China to protect Chinese states and empires against attack from nomadic hordes along the northern borders! It was said to be impenetrable but, alas, China was overrun by armies at least five times during the span of years from the 7th Century up until the Qing dynasty in 1878. Why did these breaches happen? The guards took bribes! This leads us to believe that a wall is only as strong as the character of the guardians!

During the 21st Century the Great Amorite wall stretched over a hundred miles, it is said, and this was to keep he Amorites out of the Sumerian Empire. A wall this long required men of integrity to keep wandering armies out. The wall was eventually penetrated by, not only Amorites, but also the Elamites. They either bought off the guardians, or simply went around the wall.

The Walls of Athens were built sometime around 461 BC to keep out booty seeking navies! These long walls created an impregnable triangle of land that allowed the city of Athens to resupply itself from the sea. The mighty Athenian navy protected it. Someone let down the guard and the Athenian navy was defeated at sea and the Spartans dismantled the walls!

Gustave Dore’ the famous French Illustrator and artist depicted the fall of the wall of Jericho in many bibles. The inhabitants of Jericho built the wall for defense, as well as a protection against floods. There are several accounts of how thick this wall was and how high it was. It was said in some histories that they used to run chariot races around the walls. Nonetheless, the early wall became a thing of history when Joshua and his followers marched around the wall 7 times, then blew trumpets causing the wall to fall.

In 1989 the now extinct Berlin Wall was destroyed allowing East and West Germany to be allowed to come and go as long as the crosser had proper identification. This wall was built to halt the movement of its own people. Due to increasing breaches of the wall, it was decided that it was no longer needed.

The Korean DMZ stretches 160 miles long with a ½ mile buffer zone separating Northern and Southern Koreans to visit each other. There have been quite a few people from both sides who have bribed guardians in order to visit kinfolk or do other business on both sides. When this wall comes down is anybody’s guess. Throughout history, walls both visible and hypothetical have separated peoples of different countries and pitted father against son, mother against daughter, brother against brother, etc. Only the building of true character in individuals will end the need for walls. Too many throughout history have ravaged other lands only for the sake of conquest and monetary gain.

President Trump, the last president of the United States began building a wall. The present president, Joe Biden, has vowed to tear it down. As stated before, any wall is only as good as the guardians with character who man the wall. Thousands from below the southern border of our country have flooded the United States of America. Many stories have been told of bribing the guardians along the border, true or untrue? Yet some truth has leaked out and no matter how many walls are built, anyone with enough determination will find themselves on one side of the border or the other!

This did not just begin with the reign of Trump. There have been breaches of our southern border ever since restrictions were put into place. They have jumped the barriers, dug under the barriers, gone around the barriers, or bribed the guardians in order to get to the land of promise called in Latin America, Del Norte! This country must have something to offer that the countries below our southern border do not possess! I wonder what it could be? Is it worth all the harassment, the hatred, the persecution to be able to have ‘things’?

A person can only be a guardian of themselves as long as they have the character to defend what has been entrusted to them. If not, their line of defense is pretty slim!