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 by Frank Shortt
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As everyone knows, this world is in a lot of trouble! No matter where one could go it is the same. Someone has always got to put someone else down in order to build up their ego.

The heads of every nation have their hands full. Economies are in upheaval. Health systems are overtaxed with seemingly no relief in sight. In some nations certain groups are being persecuted because of religious beliefs. This often leads to a type of slavery for those individuals.

In order to tame the inward beast, our attitudes must be changed. Old habits die hard! Some nations have been under dictatorships for so long that it is like the old story of Johnny Crow. A farmer had caught a crow eating his corn and when he caught him in a trap he took him and tied him by the leg to a stake. He gave him no food, only water. Soon Johnny began to fade away by degrees! One day a good man came by and released Johnny. The good man expected the crow to make his escape, but instead, Johnny just wandered around as if in a daze. He had been a prisoner for so long that being a prisoner was all he knew. It seems that this has happened to a lot of people.

What would this world be like if mankind suddenly realized that no one is less than themselves? Wouldn't it be nice if everyone had the mindset that others did not have to jump at their every whim? This would suddenly be a share and share alike world!

Even in so-called Democratic countries, rulers have forgotten suddenly, after being in power for a while, the reason they were elected to their perspective offices. They begin shoving everyone else around not acting like a true leader of their countries. They forget that a leader is supposed to set examples by always doing the right thing for the multitudes instead of a choice few. Why are men so weak? Why are men so apt to turn corrupt?

In my life I have found three things that corrupt leaders in every facet of life: Money, popularity, and the opposite sex! When a person loves money they will do anything to obtain it. They will punish themselves all hours of the night and day thinking that if they do not become filthy rich soon they might as well be dead! When a person loves popularity, they will do any foolish thing to get attention, even to alienating their best friends! Last, but not least, is the problems that leaders have with the opposite sex. When a leader of any movement smiles at the opposite sex, that person automatically thinks, "this is an invitation to become very familiar with the leader." Then the clandestine meetings begin. First, it is a little lunch here, a little dinner there, then, the leader is in the other's clutches and owes them their life!

What if, all of a sudden, a president, a pastor, even the pope, would become a true servant of the people instead of the people serving them? Wouldn't this set people free to become anything they choose to be? What if Judges would judge themselves first before going into a trial? I am sure that they would be very careful before passing harsh sentences for minor offences.
When our leaders become the example instead of forcing others to do their will, this is when the people of earth will all be truly free! We would then have a good example to follow and have no one to blame but ourselves for our failures! This would then be an ideal world in which to live! Are we ready for that?