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 by Frank Shortt
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We have a new president! Politics is a dirty game, no matter from which angle we may look! If the truth was known, there were probably shenanigans pulled on both sides!

Trump appointed all his conservative buddies and cronies to the Supreme Court. He freed all his cronies from prison, or prison time, by pardoning them. He has said that the election was stacked in favor of Biden! Only history will tell the final truth. As far as all his appointments and pardons, they may come back to haunt him in the future! It looks as though his appointments have already proven disastrous to himself. Not one of the things he had hoped for has gone in his favor, yet!

The press is still having a field day knocking old Trump! For what purpose do they do this? If they are totally convinced that Trump doesn't have an ace up his sleeve, why are they beating a dead horse? In fact, I, for one, and a lot of other people are sick of hearing the name Trump! We wake up hearing about him and go to sleep hearing about him! Isn't this just a little overkill? If his name was not mentioned in the news, perhaps, just perhaps, he would just go away peacefully. We all must admit that he had great influence on Washington for several years, but the final straw is when McConnell went against him in the Covid relief amount of checks to be sent out to the U.S. citizens, $600 instead of $2,000! What was Trump's purpose in suggesting the larger amount? Was it that he is planning to run for president in 2024? Fat chance, such as the chance of a snowball in the Fiery Pit! Were his loyalists as loyal as they pretended to be?

Speaking of overkill, now the Democrats are blaming Trump for the small amount of Covid-19 vaccines delivered to the centers responsible for vaccinating people. Whatever happened to free enterprise? If pharmaceutical companies do not have money incentive enough for delivering a product, then go to another source! Who, in their right mind as a politician, would dare block any source that has been approved by the FDA? If there is a shortage, one man is not responsible for the hold-up! There has to be money involved!

This New Year of 2021 will prove to be one of the most interesting years any of us have seen. If we think things were hopping when old Trump was president, we will see things really moving in this new administration. Question is who stands to gain with all the hoopla? I cannot help but think that it will be organized religion, under the leadership of the major religions of the world. If their leaders say it will be a certain way, it will be that way! Most adherents are more than willing to stoop to the authority of their sacred leaders whether it is right or not! The World Council of Churches, who pull the purse strings, will have a lot to say about who does or does not move!

Maybe I have become cynical in my old age! It is just hard for me to see a sinking ship righting itself without supernatural assistance! The Titanic was reputed to be unsinkable. The Rock of Gibraltar is reputed to be non-destructible by storms that have ravaged against it for all these years. Trouble is, man cannot see the caverns created by strong waves that have beat against it undergirding its foundations for centuries! What if, all of a sudden, she plunged downward? Overkill, you say? Anything is possible since we have seen the destruction this Pandemic has caused all over the world. We cannot even imagine the loss of human lives and the economic disasters that have occurred throughout the world. We probably will never know the truth as false reports have been recorded from the start!

Let's continue to have faith, as individuals, that something good will come out of all this chaos! When individual faith ceases, so does productivity!