Life's Greatest Drama
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Life, as we know it on earth, is a great drama. The Master Dramatist first had to think beforehand how He intended the drama to go. He set in place the giant script, decided just who the scriptwriters would be, and planned to have Directors in each age to keep the script running according to His original plan. Then there are actors who play out each part.

A date cannot be established as to when mankind appeared on earth. In fact, the exact date is not important as the Master Dramatist does not work in a time frame. Only He knows when and where each Act of the drama will transpire. As the time draws near for each Act, a director is placed on the earth to assure that the true script is followed. Sometimes, as in all dramas, false directors, who do not follow the script, are allowed to play out their own ideas as to how they think the script should run. This allows the directors of the true script to shine as the false directors go down in infamy.

One very well-known director of men was Alexander the Great. He was born in 356 B.C. and died in 323 B.C. In just 32 years he was able to conquer most of the known kingdoms of the Middle East. He died in Old Babylon, now known as Iraq. It is said he sat down and cried because he had no more worlds to conquer. Alexander’s empire collapsed after his demise. His only legacy is that, as a result of his prowess as a leader, the spirit of Panhellenism* became the norm in the countries of his conquests. A director who strays too far from the script and begins to think he has written the drama is doomed from the start. *Panhellenic spirit or ideals; specifically (in ancient times) patriotism based on the idea of Greek culture as a whole rather than individual cities and states; (in the 19th and early 20th centuries) advocacy of a political union of all Greek-speaking peoples.

Napoleon Bonaparte was considered a great leader of men in his early days. He convinced the poor and downtrodden of France that he was all for them. As he continued to conquer the city/states around him, it became apparent that he had strayed far from the script of the Act that he had been entrusted with. He was born in 1769 and died in 1821 not having achieved his lifelong dream of being leader of the known world. He did at one time control most of Europe. It is alleged that he died of stomach cancer. Before his death he wrote a book about his idol, Julius Caesar, another infamous director of men who strayed from the original script. It is too bad that Napoleon thought that he was the Master Dramatist.

Another follower of Julius Caesar, who began in obscurity and rose to international prominence, was Adolph Hitler who was born in 1889 and died in 1945. This mad-man of mad-men, rose to power in Germany by pitting his leaders against each other, demanding complete loyalty, and as his power became established, took total control of the German military. This man strayed so far from the script that he destroyed everything that was in his path. He even annihilated races of people simply because he did not like them or their religion, almost to the point of genocide of a total race in Germany. What could have been a time of prosperity for Germany became a time of poverty and degradation under this tyrant. His death in a bunker in Berlin, cremation by some of his loyal followers, and final destruction was greeted with great relief by the rest of the known civilized world.

During all these lapses from the original script, there appeared directors on the earth to lead mankind back to the true script. These were men who were burned at the stake, had their bodies sawed in half by false directors, were hung on trees, beheaded, and destroyed by unflinching soldiers who used the sword to finish them off. These directors became leaders such as has never been equaled. They worked for right, were able to stop raging lions, miraculously escaped death at the direction of the Master Dramatist, became strong, even in their weaknesses, were strong in battle, and were able to overcome the armies of false directors. These directors, following the true script, taught love instead of hate. They were known to turn the other cheek when they were smitten by outraged false directors. They went up against leaders of countries, without fear of retribution. Eventually, their direction was grasped, sometimes by only a few who kept their message alive. After all, the Drama must continue until its completion!

This Drama of Life is somewhat like the making of a great movie. There must be a script, thought out by the one who came up with the original idea. Then there must be script writers to put down exactly what was dictated to them by the author. Then there must be actors chosen who will follow the direction of the one put in charge of manifesting the exact thoughts of the author. If an actor insists on interpreting what he thinks the author meant, he is removed from the cast and replaced by someone who can take direction or until he has decided that he can take direction. In order for a drama to unfold, the participants must take on the spirit of the original writer. This is accomplished by shrewd directors who will not veer from the original script. As the actors take direction from the true director, they ‘become’ the character that they are attempting to depict. Just as soon as any member of the crew gets out of the spirit of the author, the drama becomes a shambles and will not be considered for an Academy Award.

This United States, as well as, the rest of the world is acting out a great drama. It is not known, by many, who wrote the Script of the things that unthinking men and women and thinking men and women are doing. As we sit in the Theater of Life, watching this drama unfold, we must stop and realize that we too are actors in the drama. We too are participants in the final Act of the greatest drama ever written. Who will be the hero? Who will be the villain? This will be determined by the Script. We must follow the Script carefully to insure that we are one of the ones who will appear at the final curtain.