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 by Frank Shortt
Fear, in Free America
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Over 41 million personnel have served in the U.S. Military! Not all these served honorably, unfortunately, but nonetheless they served. To what end did these men serve their country?

The purpose of the Armed Forces in any country is to protect the people of their particular country. In America, it is supposed to be to preserve our Constitution, preserve Freedom, protect our flag, at any cost, and to insure that no citizen has to live in fear! What has happened to our Country?

Up in El Dorado County in Northern California, some folks who are for Biden in the present election are afraid to say much about it for fear that some Trump voter will ridicule them, or at the least, shun them, or at the worst, be attacked. In San Jose, California, a Trump voter is likely to be criticized by a Biden voter, if not attacked physically. In talking with a Trump voter this evening, Nov. 1, 2020, the lady I was talking to spoke to me in soft, almost secretive terms. Should this have to be in a free country that they say America is? The lady even fears that if Trump wins the election, there will be riots in the City by supporters of Biden! There are those in El Dorado County who are having the same fears about a Biden victory! Whatever happened to respect of others’ beliefs?

Some people say that Biden has caused the problem because of his leftist, liberal views. Some say that Trump has caused the problem because of his ability to stir up a crowd in favor of Conservatism! If either of these men are the major problem, can’t the general public see through their façade and vote that man out of the presidency? What has happened to freedom in America?

I hear comedians of all sorts poking fun at the Administration of Donald Trump. I hear them using all kinds of expletives in their narratives even to the point of slander. Do these same comedians not realize that some military man’s blood ran into a ditch in some foreign country fighting for their right to poke fun at their president and to use foul language in the bargain? Yet, if a person in Biden country is heard to support Trump, they do it at the peril of being shot or criticized soundly. The same goes for a Biden supporter in Trump country!

I have seen people of Faith being called racist and bigots just because they practice their faith. Do we live in Syria where these things are allowed to go unchecked? The Bible has been around much longer than most books, at least in some form or another! Do not people have the right to proclaim that they believe in that Book without fear of reprisal? This is America folks!

When these men and women running for office end their speeches with “God Bless America”, do they really mean it? Or, are they just digging for a vote from someone who really believes in a Supreme Being? Those who proclaim the loudest, “God bless America” do they really believe He will?

‘America, land of the Free’ will it be so after the election on November 3? If Biden’s followers are not disappointed, will we still have freedom in America? If Trump’s followers are not disappointed, will we still have freedom in America?  With all the fear of being able to express oneself already happening, who among mortal man can heal the rift between people and stanch the fear? The lifeblood of any country ebbs out as fear dominates!