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 by Frank Shortt
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Fear can do crazy things to a person. It can drive them to do things that they would not normally do. Audie Murphy, the most decorated soldier of WW2 was asked one time why he jumped on the top of a tank and began shooting enemy soldiers. His reply, "I was so scared I wanted to get them before they got me!"

As a child I was totally afraid of the dark! This fear was instilled in me by uncles, who had no mercy on me because of my age, by telling me about all the things that lurked just around the corner in every area of the darkness. It took me many years to undo their reckless rhetoric.

Alfred Hitchcock was the master of presenting moving pictures with the hidden element that kept all of us on our seats up until the end of the movie. We just knew that the actors would encounter something terrible as they rounded each corner. Now, we have the newscasts on the television and the internet, even on our smart phones that are designed to keep us in fear of something that 'could' happen any minute! The greatest part of the news nowadays is about hypothetical situations. After they hype us up with the huge headlines, we never get to see the actuality of the situation as they are always looking for something else that is a far greater menace that the one we just encountered! This is after they have instilled fear in all of us.

Our government is not above using fear to keep us in line. "If you don't get the COVID shot you 'could' suffer great pain, even death!" Then, before they have gotten us all vaccinated for COVID, they are coming out with 'variants' that 'could' be worse than the original virus. No one scientist is sure of anything anymore and the fear level is driving people to dire circumstances as some are even ending it all in suicide! The news media does not help with anything as they are too busy trying to find someone to blame for all the mess that we are in. Fear is a terrible thing to contend with!

Our houses of worship are at a loss as to what to do! They are supposed to be the ones who are offering peace and tranquility, but instead, they are always warning us of imminent judgment. They do not know that judgment belongs to the God that they are saying that they serve! They do not know that the God they serve has no fear! They warn people of imminent destruction then turn around and buy a new jet plane or a mansion in Beverley Hills! This is all at the expense of the congregations that attend their meetings!

I had a young lady tell me one time that the religion she was raised with in her country used to keep them in line by telling them that if they did a certain thing that wild animals would come along and eat them. Once they told her if she ate anything but fish on Friday that when she went down to the creek to wash her clothes the frogs would eat her. Young people are very impressive and I am sure that kept her in line as long as she was a child! Wouldn't it be a great society if everyone could know the truth and always tell the truth?

Instilling fear will not get people to do the right thing. Instead, it will only cause them to be double-minded and continue to do wrong things. Fear will not replace fear! Oftentimes it only takes the smallest thing to overcome the giant that faces us! Our fellow humans are the ones who build the giant in the first place by their big imaginations! Once we can see past the unknown fear, we can begin to prosper again.

If all of a sudden there was a total blackout of electricity, there would be no outlet for all these hatemongers and naysayers to ply their poison! We can only do this as individuals by being careful what we watch on television and the internet. We can choose what we read. It begins one person at a time! We can choose to have peace, or we can choose to be confused by fear!