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 by Frank Shortt
Blue is Breaking Through
It appears that blue's breaking through
Red held office, pretty rough crew!
Red is questioning the outcome
Sounding out like a big bass drum!

Whatever will the results be?
Will blue manage to be set free?
To carry the nation forward?
And shove "Ole Red" ever doorward?

Some say blue is too far to left
That he's of his senses bereft!
He's probably much smarter'n that
There more'n one way to skin a cat!

"Ole Red" tweeted like a red bird
Some say that it his vision blurred
He shouldn't've telegraphed his blows
As this is how contention grows!

We will just have to wait and see
If from behind the cloud blue flees
Or, will Red come forth as winner?
Or, look like a rank beginner?
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