A Phantasm in Gray
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 by Frank Shortt
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Why was she standing at the Harris Cemetery? She looked awfully pale, this lady in gray. I don’t know why my brother, E.L. and I, were up on Harris ridge in the first place. He had persuaded me to go for a walk with him. We began to run up to the grave yard to see what made the lady in gray stay there!

As we approached, the lady was gazing into a newly dug grave. We knew of no one dying, not that we had heard about. “What are you two doing here spying,” she asked, not taking too kindly to our intrusion. We did not have a ready answer, so we turned to leave as she ran at us as if to take her vengeance out upon us.

We in the valley below had heard of strange doings up on Harris Ridge, especially in the vicinity of the cemetery. Eerie beings had been spotted, piercing screams had been heard at night, and there had been wolves seen scurrying about up there. We had no wolves in our neighborhood!

As the lady in gray ran close to us, I snatched her purse, thinking maybe we could identify this mysterious manifestation. She screamed at us, showing strong, elongated fangs that could have torn us to shreds, had she a mind to! We ran as fast as we could go, my long-legged brother and I, thinking to escape this avid apparition.

Suddenly, a lion appeared upon this sordid scene! I began to cry to the Lion, “go after her!” The lion proceeded toward the lady as I sent E.L. ahead. It wasn’t long until the lion appeared again and I thought, “Boy, am I dead!” but he only ran past me toward the lady in gray!

Soon they appeared, coming straight at me! She rode upon his mane so bright, this gray dressed lady! Even in my desperate straits I thought, “They sure make a spectacular sight!” It wasn’t long until I realized that they were still after me! Soon, they were passing me by, but much to my surprise, she only grabbed her purse from me, then they began to rise upward! Back to me emanated her departing laughter, more like a cry of victory! But really, what had she won except to retrieve her purse! Maybe there was a treasure in it?

Where the lion and the lady in gray went, I cannot say. I have thought about it to this day and have discussed it with E.L. There are some things in life that must remain a mystery, this is one of them. There is one thing I know for sure! I will no more wander up to the Harris Cemetery, no matter how much E.L. cajoles me!

I believe that I have taken the cure!