Young Men Planning to Run for Public Office
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In light of certain shenanigans happening in America recently, I feel it fair to warn all young men who have designs on becoming a public figure in the future. Watch carefully the relationships you have as a young man!

President Trump’s appointee for the U.S. Supreme Court, Brett Kavanaugh, served under three presidents as an attorney. When he was a teenager, while attending a party, he is alleged to have pawed, groped, and attempt to rape a teenaged girl. There is no court record of him ever having been arrested for this alleged crime. It seems pretty obvious who is behind her coming out at this particular time! Two other women were pretty emphatic about Kananaugh’s physical prowess! There is no evidence of this happening.

In this age of technology there is no such thing as ‘burying the past’! Also, modern crime detection is a science through DNA that can find out most anything that a person did many years ago. (Take the case of the serial killer in Sacramento recently) If there had been a record made of the alleged incidents between Brett Kavanaugh and his accusers, this would have been an open and shut case. Instead, it has made one college professor look pretty bad in the eyes of a lot of Americans as she had intended to help her party in their accusations. We may never know the truth of the matter. One thing that has haunted me since is; “Whatever happened to ‘innocent until proven guilty?”

It has been said many times that, during the puberty stage of a young man, if he becomes infatuated with a young woman, all his common sense is forgotten immediately. He does not think of what his actions will mean in his future life. The girl on the other hand should think what she is doing to her life, and if she becomes pregnant, she must face adulthood sooner than expected. The young man involved may as well not think, in this age of technology, that he will ever lead a normal employment life, unless he marries the girl involved and tries to make a go of it. Was this ‘love’ or infatuation?

Recently I was shown photos of students of fifteen years of age getting ready to go to a school dance. It was difficult for me to understand how parents would allow their daughters to wear the low-cut garments and the mini-mini-skirts that these girls chose to present themselves in to their dates, as well as, the whole school! To these fifteen -year-old young men, there was nothing left to the imagination by these underdressed young women. So who is to blame when things happen later that may not be so pleasant? Two young lives ‘weighed in the balance and found wanting’ on the verge of becoming parents before either have the ability to even take care of themselves.

I have seen, at close hand, what happens to a young man and young woman who allowed their emotions to wander afar one time too many. The result was an unwanted pregnancy, on at least one of their parts, resulting in this pair becoming totally estranged soon after the baby was born! The young man, due to health issues of his own, was refused visitation rights to his offspring. The young lady thinking the young man unfit to be the child’s father chose to raise the child alone.

She took no thought of having another mouth to feed and the responsibilities of being a single parent. As a result, the young man cannot seek a normal employment as he refuses to pay child support because of being refused access to his own child. This is a huge problem in America and has led to many children being raised by one parent or the other whether that parent is eligible to raise children, or not!

As I have asserted many times, education of all kinds begins at home. What a child sees and does throughout his life oftentimes reflects the training it had while a child. Parents that allow their children to participate in clandestine activities should wake up and realize that this is shaping that child’s life for the future. (There are some exceptions to the rule!)When a parent sends their daughter out among wolves improperly dressed, what can they expect but to have the wolves hanging around their doors? Whatever happened to common decency?

Young men, Remember! Every decision you make as a young man, good or bad, will come back as a visitation later in life. If your plan is to become a public servant, keep this in in mind during every relationship you encounter!