You Can't Have Your Cake and Sarah Sanders' Dinner Too
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by Josh Lee
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Okay, Iím going to play the devilís advocate here and say that I completely agree with the Supreme Courtís ruling that the baker in Colorado had the right to deny the gay couple their wedding cake. Putting myself in his shoes, if I was a business owner, I would want the right to refuse service to anyone I please without question and without persecution.

And let me ask you something ó assuming you have any sense with which to answer ó would you really, honestly, sincerely want your GAY wedding cake baked by someone who hated GAYS? I wouldnít.

I know ó heís a homophobe. And you know what, thatís OKAY. Iím not even going to get into the difference between discrimination and freedom of religious belief. Heís allowed to have his own beliefs. We still live in the United States of America, right? Now I donít agree with it, but given that he owned his own business, I think that affords him the right to exercise his religious beliefs and deny service to gay people. His business, his rules. There are other places to get a cake, honey.

But most of the liberal world wouldnít agree with me on that.


And thatís fine too. UNTIL the same people who relentlessly cried, ďINJUSTICE!!!!Ē started cheering when Sarah Sandersí fat ass was booted out of a restaurant because of her affiliation with Trump.


Itís the same fucking thing, people. The business owners didnít agree with what their patrons were doing with their lives, so they were asked to leave. ITíS EITHER ACCEPTABLE OR ITS NOT. If one is persecuted, so should the other be. I am so sick of this double standard that blindly favors the minorities in this country.

Look ó Iím no fan of Sarah Sanders, but I feel sorry for her. I feel bad that sheís clearly too dumb to have put much thought into what assuming her position would do to her public image and the rest of her career. I feel sorry for her having to be up there in front of the nation forced to be the frump who spreads the lies of Trump.

She does what she does knowing full well what the consequences of her decision to align with the Trump administration are. Likewise ó the gays live our lives knowing that some people will be unable to look past our sexual orientation and simply see us as sinners, the devil, immoral, and generally disgusting (in fairness some gays really are disgusting, though).

So why is it so terrible for a man exercising his right to religious freedom to turn away two gay men and yet Nobel-prize worthy to turn away a press secretary the size of two gay men?

Whenever I share this viewpoint with people, most of them look at me in disbelief like, girl, he turned them away because they were GAY. JUST LIKE YOU. DONíT YOU CARE!?

No I donít. And Iím sorry but Iíve got better things to do than give up a few years of my life taking someone to court to change their minds when they just wonít. There are other bakeries out there. There are other places to get dinner. There are people who believe that money is money and will serve you no matter who you are, dammit. God bless the United States of Capitalism.