You Be The Judge
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        - British boxer Ricky Hatton tweeted that he was going to be out of town over the weekend. His home was robbed while he was away. Surprised!
        - Headline in the Palm Springs newspaper The Desert Sun; "Welcome once again, Mr. President" on his fourth visit in 2 years. Resident responses: "Maybe it will snow here so he won't want to visit or stay here anymore." "Ike had over 1000+ days of golf here but it's a crime for Obama to do it?"
        - A Muslim advocacy group believes Assembly woman Melissa Melendez' use of the phrase "Islamic Savages" was hate rhetoric that causes fear and mistrust, and associates all Muslims with terrorism. With good reason?
        - Bob Henry feels some people equate a belief in the second Amendment right up there with the Bible and Jesus. Bob says "If the Constitution and its amendments were inspired by God, He was strangely quiet on the subjects of slavery and women's rights." He believes we should repeal the Second Amendment, and citizens should not have assault weapons with 40-round magazines even if they believe they need fire-power protection from the government or from their neighbors. Might come in handy some day, eh?
        - In Beverly Hills CA the Tip Jar Bandit was seen swiping pennies from a jar on a counter of a restaurant and was followed out onto the street. In 60 seconds the police responded and arrested the 19-year-old Santa Monica College coed. A world record response?
        - Los Angeles teachers picketed for higher wages and smaller class sizes. The District responded by saying that in order to give in on those demands, they would have to lay off teachers and increase class sizes.
        - FBI Director James Comey says that the statistics that track fatal incidents, involving police in potential racial prejudice cases, depends on the police voluntarily reporting such incidents. What's the chances of that?
        - Oakland, California prisoners have a law suit alleging cruel and unusual punishment, citing inmates in solitary confinement and those transferred to tougher facilities outside Oakland. Did they also take away the HiDef TV?
         - Barack Obama said "...no religion is responsible for terrorism- people are responsible for violence and terrorism." He also said "...during the Crusades and Inquisition, people committed terrible deeds in the name of Christ." Is he saying that the fact that the "terrible deeds" done by Christians does not in any way imply that it was the Christian faith that spurred the Crusaders on to the "terrible deeds?" That the people in the Crusades were responsible for the violence, not the religion of Christianity, as he implies? Further, is he saying the beheadings, raping, and slaughter by the Islamic terrorists have nothing to do with the religion of Islam? Just what is he saying?
        - Sen. Barbara Boxer said, "Our homeland security funding should be spent on making sure that our country is secure," and that she supports Obama's executive order circumventing laws passed by Congress that would stop deporting illegal immigrants in the country. Is not deporting people who entered our country ilegally making our country secure?
        - Headline in the Palm Springs daily, The Desert Sun, reads. "Fatal motorcycle crash involved speed." Hmmm! Most crashes do involver speed. Was it slow speed, fast speed, or was the vehicle parked somewhere and ran into by another vehicle driving at a fast speed, or slow speed?
        - Pro baseball player Alex Rodriguez, banned from baseball for a season for drug use, says, "The only thing I ask from this group today, (reporters), and the American people, is to judge me from this day forward." Wouldn't all lawbreakers like that cop out?
         - President Obama finishes his desert golf vacation in Palm Springs, returning to Washington and a white House summit on "countering violent extremism." I guess there's nothing on the table any more serious or important to attend to than that. Really?