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      America is facing two kinds of problems today. One kind is an "either I agree or I disagree" situation, where one person's opinion is set against another's. And we all know how hard it is to change someone else's mind when it involves value judgments, no matter the weight of the "facts" we use in our argument. Either you agree, it seems to me, with Stem cell research, some kinds of abortion, gun control, Obama Care, same-sex marriage, more taxes, Immigration violation enforcement, amnesty for illegals, and lenient welfare requirements, or you disagree.
      The other kind of problems are also a form of value judgment, but an "I agree or I disagree" statement is harder to come by. These would include global warming(if it exists), terrorism, the state of the economy, State budget problems Nationwide, energy issues, Social security funding, stalemates in Congress, Homeland Security policies, and failures in our education system.
      These are gut-wrenching problems in the United states today, and even though each generation has faced their own, although different, important issues, there really has never been issues in our history like there are today. The solutions to these issues are crucial to the future stability of this country and even to other countries. Amid the turmoil and stress of the economic meltdown and almost comical Congressional partisan posturing taking place today, it is totally heartbreaking to see our beloved America become a second-class country, losing the values that made it great, and not being willing to make the compromises that could set it back on the right course. We all have to try to remember not to just fight the fights that we can win, but to fight the fights that need fighting. Let's hope the people we elected to do the job will.
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