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 by Laramie Boyd
Yes or No
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     Can you, for a brief moment in time, separate your mind from your political party affiliation, forgetting that a certain party line should always guide any response you make in any political or social discussion? Forgetting that so-and-so, the leader of your side of the aisle, has said such-and-such, and you should, like all good so-and-sos, respond accordingly? For maybe once, reach deep down and come up with an answer that you really believe should represents your truest feelings. Do you fear doing that?
     Forget whether or not the following statements reflect a certain party line. Answer what you feel, as much as possible giving a yes I agree, or no I disagree answer to yourself. Or test yourself. Compare your answers with your political affiliation. Have fun. Send me your results. Make comments. Or deny that there is any significance or affect your answers would make anyway. Look out. Another election is only about 2 years away
     - Is it a good thing that a woman, at any time, can decide to take the life away from a child growing in her stomach?
     - Should there be safe, and free, access to clinics that abort babies?
     - Should an attempt be made to round up as many as possible of the supposed 11 million illegal immigrants in the U.S., and attempt to deport them?
     - Should a path to citizenship be provided to known current illegal immigrants that is easier than the path legal immigrants have in the past and are now going through to become citizens?
     - Will allowing the illegal immigrants to cross into the U.S. at will, as president Obama did, make America a better country?
     - Will building a wall across the southern border of the U.S. cut down on the number of illegal immigrants entering the U.S.?
     - Should illegal immigrants be given the rights of citizens and free food and lodging?
      - Do you support the current Medicare program for senior citizens?
     - Should senior citizens, who can afford it, be made to obtain private health insurance?
     - Should all those who vote in an election be required to be a citizen of the U.S.?
     - Should anyone who walks into a voting booth be allowed to vote in an election for president of the U.S.?
     - Do you believe that marriage should only be between a man and a woman?
      - Do you believe every child has a right to have a man for a father and a woman for a mother?
     - Do you believe LGBT citizens should have every right every other citizen has?
     - Do you believe the owner of a business should have the right to choose its patrons?
     - Do you believe Muslims citizens should have every right that other citizens have?
     - Do you believe any person who walks into a restaurant, regardless of dress, behavior, language, sex, politics, religion, have a right to be served?
     - Do you believe Nativity scenes should be allowed at Christmas?
     - Do you believe the word Christmas should be banned at any location?
     - Do you believe students should be allowed to gather in a group and offer a prayer in a public school?
     - Do you believe an elementary school child, K - 6th grade, should be allowed to choose their own toilet to use?
     - Do you believe a church should pay less income tax than a business?
     - Do you believe a public school education should be free to any child who applies?
     - Do you believe women should be subject to the Selective Service draft system?
     - Do you believe women should be required to serve on battlefronts as men are?
     - Do you believe a person should not be required to serve in the armed forces just by saying that they do not believe in killing people?
     - Do you believe that any religion should be able to be taught in public schools, as it is in private schools? 
     - Do you believe prayer should be banned for all religions in public schools?
     - Do you believe in the sanctity of human life?
     - Do you believe the Constitution is only a blueprint document and should be relatively easier to change as society changes?
     - Do you believe a judge who supports women's rights should be appointed solely on that basis?
     - Do you believe there is freedom of speech in America?
     - Do you believe the word "freedom" has been redefined to mean only what particular political parties want it to mean?
     - Should citizens be allowed to protest laws that allow peaceable protests? - Should president G.W. Bush have been impeached for his "weapons of mass destruction" war in Iraq?
     - Should president Bill Clinton have been impeached for his sex in the oval office tryst? 
     - Are your answers strictly along party lines?
     - Do you believe people with opposite responses to yours are
wrong in their views and see yourself as right?
     - Would compromise in the Congress on today's devastating issues make America Great Again?
     - Will simply electing someone who belongs to a different political party than is in office solve most of the problems facing America?