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 by Laramie Boyd
With Justice For All
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With Justice For All Laramie Boyd I wonder, truthfully, what Colin Kaeperkneel, rather Colin Kaepernick, wants. He says he is kneeling in protest to an anthem of a country that oppresses black people and people of color, which is shown in police brutality and shootings of African Americans. At what point, I wonder, will the kneeling cease? Does he have a pre-set time line? At what point will he give up in desperation? Will he show standing-up-respect for the anthem when police killings decrease by 50%, 60%, or is he holding out for 100%? Will he kneel until he gets 2 or 3 more kneeling supporters on the sidelines every game, or until he reaches 50% of his teammates, or of the opposing players across the field? Or 60%, or 100%? What is the number. Is there a number? At what point will he say "I've made my point?" Doe he plan to go on all season long, no matter what? Does he have a plan, or is it just a day-to-day proposition? Does he expect the citizens of America who are not police to meet certain standards of conduct, a certain percent increase in some unannounced behavior? How does he gauge these increases or decreases, by what a majority of newspapers, which are mostly liberal, print, or some general increase in TV newsmen reeling off statistics? What will make him believe that things are "better" or worse? Does he have a plan to use a different arena for protesting if things don't "improve" by a certain date? Is this a lifelong occupation, if you will? Does he just want people to become more aware of the racial tensions in America, as if they don't already know? Certainly there is no denying that his on-field action is a distraction to the purpose of professional football, that is winning football games. The amount of distraction is debatable. But distraction there is. Would he be happier if his team ends up winning 2 games and losing 12 games, even though he gained supporters throughout the year, if on the field distraction is one factor in the losing season? And the chances of any significant progress, towards his goals for America, occurring in one football season seem remote. Nobody knows where this protest will lead. But the media coverage seems to indicate that it may not go away soon. They do have to justify their jobs, don't they? But I do believe this. If Colin Kaepernick believes that him kneeling at the playing or singing of the National Anthem will solve the racial strife that truly exists in America, in any short time span, he is not as smart as his college background seems to indicate. So I wonder how far he will really go. What sacrifices and consequences will he make and endure until that social problem is solved to his satisfaction, which may never happen? I wouldn't be surprised that sometime down the road, maybe sooner than later, Colin may have to look around the globe, closely, and pick a country without social issue problems, where ALL people are treated with the dignity and fairness that he and most Americans feel they deserve, where NOBODY is prejudiced against, where ALL people are treated equally, where the government is truly "of the people, by the people, and for the people", ALL people. And I suggest if Mr. Kaepernick finds such a country, island, or place of any kind, he might want to consider letting the rest of us disgruntled people know about, and maybe we can all go there and live happily ever after.