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         There’s hardly a person in any country on planet Earth that doesn’t think that America is the greatest land of all. Most of the inhabitants of our globe would leave wherever they are and come to America in a second. Since our founding this glorious country has been the ideal to which all nations aspire. To live in America is the dream of billions.
          But if you listened to what’s going on lately you would think that the United States of America has become a third world nation, crumbling right before our eyes. Republicans are claiming that the world no longer looks at America the way it used to – with awe, reverence and respect. Democrats are campaigning that only they can stall the continued fall of this great nation. Screwy prophets like Rush Limbaugh bloviate daily about the collapse of America under the leadership of Barack Obama. These shouters of doom and failure claim that only the removal of President Obama and the replacement by a Republican president can save the nation.
          Anyone watching the Republican debates and the Democrat’s rejoinders could think that America has gone to pieces. People like Rick Santorum, Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich and Ron Paul offer their visions of a “new” America under their stewardship. Michelle Bachmann and Sarah Palin add their two cents to the cacophony and during rare moments of quiet coherence even their own party members cringe at the dangers these candidates represent and the bewilderment they would present if elected. The Republican candidates have gone to great lengths to destroy each other. The last man standing may suffer from wounds too serious to permit victory and national healing.
          As the Republicans use scalpels and cudgels on each other, President Obama continues to draw the ire of his opposition members. The president has a failing in his inability to communicate with the masses. He’s smart and savvy, but unable to reach down and relate to the millions of Americans looking to him for leadership.
          The naysayers offer catcalls and boos when he even hints that many of the problems he has faced and is facing existed before he took the oath of office. Nobody wants to hear logic; they want results, which in this case means getting jobs for the unemployed and no new or increased taxes. Obama faces more vitriol and loathing than any president in recent memory. Our politicians are playing a ball game with the goal of not allowing the opposition to score any runs – regardless of its value to the American public.
          What with all of our national problems, the Democrats and Republicans continue to stymie anything constructive the other proposes. It is as though the goal is to negate any possibility that the opposition party might gain credit for accomplishing something – anything. And, God forbid, the president should gain credit for some program that succeeds. The announcement of presidential successes have been kept to a minimum as we approach the election at the end of the year.
          And with all this we remain the shining beacon of freedom and opportunity to the world. If there ever was a human paradise, this country, this group of united states is it.
          This nation was founded on the principle that democracy means that the lowest and the highest of Americans will be equal – each with a single vote. Each vote equal to the other.
          The time has come for all Americans to exercise their power of the ballot box.
          We remain the most admired and most powerful nation on the planet, but it is time for all Americans to take a sincere interest in what is happening in America. The time has come to stop the attempts to destroy the opposition party. It is time for civil discourse that enables the United States to move ahead – to provide freedom and opportunity to all Americans.
          It is time for rubber stamp voting to come to a halt.
          All Americans should take a deep and abiding interest in this coming election.
          The results, our votes, will determine what the future of this nation will be.
          Don’t leave the decision concerning our future to politicians, be sure to vote.
          You have tremendous power in your hands. Use it.
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