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 by Norm Blackburn
Why I like Trump
       I voted for Trump because I have been a life long Republican but more than that I thought Hilary Clinton represented what would be a continuation of the liberal agenda of spending and taking America to a second position in the world. I believed Trump could bring a new era to Washington, D. C. and change business as usual.
       As I review the first year of the Trump administration, I have some misgivings and some relief.
       He is new to the world of the Beltway. He has been a successful businessman building a fortune by understanding the ways of the free enterprise system that has built this country. But that isnít the way politics works on the national or world arena. Apparently one must not let his/her true feelings be known and only speak politically correctness and should go along with the status quo and not make too many waves. Not The Donald. He came to the office with hyperbole that made the media and the liberal side cringe. He avoided the media by using Twitter to get around their interpretations of his pronouncements.
       So started the war.
       His base applauded him while those who voted against him were appalled.
       Letís look at what he has done wrong. He has failed to overturn Obama Care. He has not built his wall. He has apparently lost the support of some foreign leaders. He has not been able to get his own party that controls both the House and Senate to push through much of his agenda. To many he comes off as a bigot and anti minorities. On this last point, I disagree. If you look closely at his words you will find that he isnít against all immigrants, just the bad ones or those who have entered our country illegally. He isnít against Blacks or Latinos or women as a group. Oh, yes, that remark about grabbing womenís privates. Iíll give you that but it isnít a deal breaker.
       Accomplished? A tax bill that is spurring the economy. More companies coming back to our country. More workers getting bonuses. More people unemployed. Stock markets hitting new highs. A new conservative member of the Supreme Court. More conservative Federal Court judges. Getting out of NAFTA and the withdrawal from the Paris climate agreement. Repealing the individual mandate of Obama Care. Defeating the Islamic State. And moving the country toward a more conservative attitude. Well, maybe not all of the country but at least his base.
       Quite a lot in his first year.
       We have a new person in the White House. We have a President who says things some people donít like. We have a press that doesnít like him. He is an easy target but he is doing a lot of good for the country.
        Will all this guarantee a Republican victory in the off year elections? Will Trump be re-elected in 2020? No one knows.
       I like Donald Trump because he is who he is, a president who is out front with his feelings and doesnít care that he offends his detractors. A refreshing presence in the White House.
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