Why Cry Before You Are Hurt?
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 by Frank Shortt
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        Riots! Looting! Breaking Windows! Doing things that might harm other people, or even a rioter’s loved ones! Is this the way American’s act and become an example to the rest of the world?
       I do not speak for a group of people! I only speak as an individual. Having observed the actions of people for almost seventy-five years, and from many angles, I must say that Americans, as a whole, have become spoiled, selfish, and in many cases, blind!
       Having heard what movie award winners today have to say about our government, I am stunned that free-speech has led them to where they think they are! Who do they think allowed them the freedom to pursue a career as an actor? Who provided them the means to be able to live a life of luxury and prominence, as they think they have? I learned early on in life that what a person has materially can be taken away quickly. This also applies to our freedoms. Any small nation with nuclear capabilities could demand our surrender at any time. Then this small nation could step in ravaging our country, killing all who did not agree with them, and placing everyone else in incarceration! “Impossible!” You say! “We have our great armed forces to protect us!” Then why do you fight against a person who is only trying to preserve your freedoms? Shouldn’t we at least give him a chance to prove himself and iron out all the difficulties we’ve encountered in the past?
       It is for sure that we do not owe any other country in the world as much as they owe us! Our armed forces have fought and died on bloody battlefields to preserve freedom for most other countries. In World War One, Americans gave their lives, time, and money to preserve Europe as a whole. The same applies to World War Two. Now the scene has changed to the Middle East. Iraq and Afghanistan would not even exist were it not for the billions of dollars in aid and the human lives that were sacrificed to preserve their governments by Americans! Why do other countries hate America so much, as our newscasts imply? Yet, when Americans go to other countries, they sure appreciate the American dollars that float around.
       We have those who are screaming out about what is going on in Washington, D.C. I do not agree with all that is going on there but it seems that folks are crying before they are even injured. We are so used to having our own way in life that when someone comes along who seems to challenge that ‘way’, then we begin to riot, loot, burn, and even kill to show our disagreement. This is what is happening in America right now! Would we prefer a despotic ruler who would have no feeling for anyone but himself? One who would command something evil and it would be immediately carried out? This goes on in countries all around the world, every day! By the way, have you ever tried to live under another government whose people have no guarantee of freedom as does the Constitution afford us?
       Americans need to tighten their belts, take time to assimilate all that has happened since 9-1-1, and begin to pull together, not as Democrats and Republicans, but as Americans! Haven’t we looted enough? Haven’t we burned enough buildings? Haven’t we killed each other enough? Haven’t we hated each other enough? Has not brother been against brother enough?
If the gang wars continue in America there will not be any turf left to fight over! What good are burned-out buildings with nothing in them but ashes? Sometimes it pays to take a step backward and take a good look at ourselves! After all, we humans are the ones who created all this chaos on the earth! Only we can change our own attitudes.
       Yes, we are a nation of immigrants! Shouldn’t we protect all the ones here from those who would try to do us harm from outside? World War Two was fought to hold off aggression from Tojo, Hitler and Mussolini, and to keep them from entering our country. Is it now wrong to try to do the same?
       I am happy to say that the motion picture industry does not speak for me.