Why Blame God
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        Weapons of destruction, contrary to popular opinion, were not invented as God gave man the ability to do so. Man has strayed from original precepts in order to wander into what is known as the ‘Atomic Age’!
        The first murder, since man began recording such things, was when Cain became jealous of Abel in the Garden of Eden, and cracked open his head with a boulder. (This is only an assumption of course, as there was no one else there to see his weapon of choice, we just know that this was the first murder.) As man became farther and farther away from his ‘Edenic’ state he became very inventive in ways to destroy his enemies. After man became an eater of flesh, he also became more inventive in ways to kill animals.
        As assumed, the first weapons that man used to destroy other men was probably stones, or at best, sharpened stones. From volcanic rocks, men took small chunks and began fashioning knives to defend themselves at close range. He soon found out that by simply sharpening a stick he could gore the other fellow in vital places, and at longer distances, thereby rendering the encroaching enemy harmless to himself. This new idea soon led to sharpening stones and affixing them to the ends of sticks creating a more sure way of penetrating the body of an enemy. These were in the form of spears. Later, more sophisticated means of dispatching these missiles were invented. The bow became in vogue in order to dispatch arrows to longer distances and not have to get close enough to have the other fellow use a spear on yourself. This latest invention revolutionized warfare. The Stone Age produced some very ugly and cruel weapons for bludgeoning, chopping, cutting, and otherwise, maiming one’s victim.
        The Bronze and Iron Ages produced even more deadly weapons of war. Man found that he could melt metals and shape them into whatever he needed for war or survival. He found that he could make catapults to rain fire upon attacking enemies. This has carried over into the modern age of using rockets to rain fire upon enemies at a great distance. There has been a continuous threat from some fanatic countries who threaten other countries every time they do not get their own way. It has become a game of ‘cat and mouse’ with the mice dictating the playing field.
        The invention of gunpowder heightened man’s ability to do harm to other men. This led to weapons that could be fired much faster and farther. The Civil War in America produced the first repeating firearms which led to the Gatlin Gun, and then the Automatic firing apparatuses which could fire many rounds just by holding down the triggers. The First World War produced the first tanks and armored weapons. Gases were used to kill and destroy even without firing at the enemy. Mustard Gas became the most feared threat in the trenches of France. Use of airplanes to bomb greater areas was also a product of the First World War. This was referred to as the War to end all Wars!!
        The Second World War produced even greater weapons of destruction whereas mankind could deliver his inventions faster, more accurately, and this led to the invention of Atomic bombs and rocketry, with long range aircraft to deliver the destruction. Nagasaki and Hiroshima bespeak the results of man’s ability to deliver death by the plane load!
        It would be hard to imagine the weaponry of modern man. Our governments are even afraid to mention the horrible arsenals stockpiled who knows where! Men are determined to rule other men at any cost. Any small, insignificant country could destroy the whole world at the push of a button. So, why do religions keep saying that God will eventually destroy mankind. He does not have to do it Himself. Man is doing a wonderful job of destroying himself and the earth with it. Why blame God?