Who Voted for Trump
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With all the dissension going around, the criticism from the opposing party, the riots, burning, looting, etc. I have begun to wonder who put this guy in office?

As gathered from the media this is what I have seen:

Those who oppose him:
-All the Democrats
-The Environmentalists
-The Coalition of Native Americans
-The LGBT Coalition
-The ‘unsilent’ Minority
-The majority of Religious Groups, including Christian groups
-Food and Farm groups
-Groups on the Left
-The ‘Dump Trump’ group
-Veterans Against the Deal
-Some Republican groups, etc. etc.
-Most ‘Special Interest’ groups
-The majority of the ‘Media’

Those who are for him:
-All without college degrees
-Old bald-headed, blue eyed, white men
-The disenchanted
-Bigoted (white) housewives
-Racist Pigs

If the media is to be believed, this president is responsible for every ill that plagues America! (He has only been in office since January 20, and remember what he inherited?). I must admit that he often puts his foot into his mouth before he thinks things out, as all humans do. I admit that he has a very rough management style! I admit that he is impulsive! (And he often gets his feelings hurt!) Don’t all humans have these same traits? We just pray that he does not put us into a situation that we cannot back out of. This could be said of any elected official.

Conclusion! If the Democratic National Convention can be believed, there are too many watchdogs to allow voter fraud in America. This being the case, Trump is the duly elected president of the United States of America. Every time a new president is elected, someone who opposes him gets their feelings hurt for quite a while. After everyone gets used to the idea, things seem to settle in to the legalistic Nation that we have become. Nothing can be done without passing a new law to undo some other law that opposes the new law.

With such great opposition, that the media would have us believe, then who voted for Mr. Trump? Something seems to be amiss in Kansas!

Trump is painted as being the most ignorant, uninformed, and stupid man who ever lived!