Who's Your Hero?
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In these excerpts from "Cowboy" magazine, can you name the man described?
- He was someone many people wanted to be like or have as a friend.
- He reminded many of us about love of country, about America. He reminded us of what we already had and were in danger of losing from within.
- His values helped many people define and reassure America
- He made up his own mind on every issue and had little regard for strict party-line politics.
- He believed that equality for ethnic citizens was not a liberal cause but the concern of all fair-thinking Americans.
- He felt that dedication to a nation was more important than dedication to jackasses or elephants.
- He respected other people's differences and was above expressing contempt for views other than his own.
- His name invokes images of a hero.
- He was generous and genuinely interested in other people.
- He was strong, tough, principled and hard working.
- He was a man of his word and you could count on him.
- He epitomized in his private life a lot of the wonderful attributes that he portrayed on the screen.
- His presence on the big screen was unlike any other.
- He was more than an actor and stood for American integrity.
- You couldn't imagine anyone else playing the characters that he took on.
- More than 30 years after his death, he ranked third in a poll listing America's favorite movie stars.
- He played in over 150 movies.
- He felt giving the Panama Canal back to Panama was the right thing to do.
- He believed that American servicemen returning from Vietnam did not deserve the harsh treatment they received when they came home.
- He was given a nickname after his dog, Duke, and played football for USC.

         Do you believe the country needs more people like him? Can you name any politician who has any of the same or similar attributes? Are his values becoming outdated and unpopular? Is this age of technology and pornography in TV and movies, and lawlessness and lack of accountability destroying his way of seeing life in America? Can you understand how anyone could say one of his western films, about a a cattle drive where an old man "tried to inspire young people to dig a little deeper into themselves," was "simplistic, sentimental, right wing ideology?" A film critic named Pauline Kael said those words. I wonder how Marion Morrison, called The Duke, or better known as John Wayne, responded? Since he stood against selective application of the First Amendment, and respected other people's differences and was above expressing contempt for views other than his own, I believe he would simply say that she had every right to her opinion and would not try to belittle her view in any way. Politicians, wherever you are hiding, there's a lesson for you in that statement. Don't you get it? Can't you see it, understand it, and then live it?