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 by Laramie Boyd
Who's to Blame
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       I was wondering. Is it true that President Trump is taking children away from their parents, and has now ordered that that practice must cease.
Was he responsible for breaking up families and must take the blame? And did he put a stop to that? If he is to take the blame for the family breakup, would it be reasonable to think he should take the credit for putting them back together? But look closer. Was the picture of a sobbing child on the cover of Time magazine a wily subterfuge, as Denis Valera, a man claiming to be the child's father stated. And this version of the story was confirmed by Honduran deputy foreign minister Nelly Jerez. The story gets murky. Sadly, the "news" media of today seems uninterested in reporting the who, what, where, when, how and why of an event, but rather they undercut news with their own version of what may or may not have even happened.
      I recall a famous sports figure, jockey Willie Shoemaker, who got drunk and while driving around town recklessly ended up crashing and becoming crippled for the rest of his life. He blamed the car manufacturer and received a huge payoff in court. Just who was to blame in that case? Seems to me it was Willie who should have taken the blame for that.
       And I remember the scene on TV when President Obama stood by while hordes of immigrants poured into the country, illegally, and then they dispersed with no way to keep track of them. So, who's to blame, now? The president who let the problem of illegal immigrants get out of hand and did not encourage them to follow the law when he had an opportunity to do so, which was to outline the way to enter the country legally? Or is it the president who had to try to clean up the mess he inherited? Do you shoot the person who delivers a message of doom, or the person who wrote it. Trump inherited Obama's message that it was allowable to enter the country illegally, since he did nothing to try to stop it.
       Now don't make the mistake of believing that those who are against allowing illegals to flood into this country believe that mothers and their children don't belong together. Only political reporting hacks would spread this misinformation, the people who will do and say anything to garner support for their particular agenda, whether it's best for the country or not. This agenda, of course, includes garnering votes for a particular party platform. Not one loving mother would want to have their child taken from them. For anyone to believe that scenario, to believe that those who want immigration laws enforced, who do not want open borders, are against family values, that could only be describes as moronic. No, President Trump may not be a poster boy for political office, and has performed some unusual and unpopular actions more than once, but he didn't cause the illegal immigration problem. But listen to the media. Their hero, Barack Obama, got off scot-free.
       It is important to realize that the dynamics of the situation and our viewpoint would totally change if it was our own children involved, not just some faraway unknown family from another county, and we would want the facts to be known, not biased off-the-cuff opinions and political rhetoric. And one fact is that Trump did not summon the illegal immigrants with their children. The parents made that decision to come. And I would dare to venture that either the parents knew it was an illegal move, or didn't care, just hoping that somehow it would work out.
       Immigration is a complicated problem, and realistically no president has seriously tried to solve it. And there is no solution on the horizon, particularly one that would make everybody happy. But it is wrong to place the blame where it doesn't belong. The U.S. has laws. Many of us know of people who spent years applying for and learning of legal ways to enter the country. And to see so many foreigners allowed to just illegally walk across our borders, violating laws of immigration, and be rewarded with tax-funded freebies, that just isn't right. Some of these illegals are living a better life than many homeless U.S. citizens. It's an old story that applies in many different situations. If the law is bad, CHANGE THE LAW. Isn't that what it means when you hear that America is a country that follows the Rule of Law? And we're not doing that at present.