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 by Frank Shortt
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     The person coining the phrase ‘divide et imperia (divide and conquer) was Philip of Macedonia. He was king of the ancient Greek kingdom of Macedon from359 BC until his assassination in 336 BC. This motto even carried over into the conquering Roman Legions!
     To divide and conquer means to maintain power by breaking up larger concentrations of power into pieces that, individually, have less power than the power who implements the strategy. As a result, existing power structures are broken up, preventing smaller groups from getting together. This causes rivalries and provokes discord among the populace. Divide et imperia!
     The president is kept busy defending himself against all the accusations from those who oppose him. If he has time for business as usual, especially around the White House, he must be a Superhuman! The Republican majority Congress is being broken up, bit by bit, by vicious, and sometimes just plain ‘gold-diggers’ who allege trysts and affairs for material gain. The Democrats are still trying to prove that Trump won the election against Hilary by nefarious means. They spend most of their time in that capacity rather than trying to do something positive for the country. Why should they do anything worthwhile, Trump, and the Republicans would get the credit!
     The old Roman Empire was finally broken up by attacks from such as Atilla the Hun and slave revolts, but mostly by men who had sneaked in unawares and become ensconced in the Senate of Rome. The day to day running of the Kingdom became so perverse that nothing was safe! The very purpose of those who knew ‘divide et imperia’ was largely responsible for the downfall of the Empire. There is an old Proverb which speaks about kingdoms who become appalling in their time: “You have defiled your own sanctuaries by the abundance of your iniquities (knowing to do right but not doing it). Your trade agreements and merchandising has become a stench! Therefore, a fire will be brought forth from the midst of you, it shall devour you, and you shall be brought to ashes upon the earth in the sight of all who behold you!” Could this be happening in America?
     Sometimes we are taught something that has been accepted as fact for hundreds of years then all of a sudden, we find out that somebody has been pulling our leg! Throughout history, famous men have been uplifted in our history books, (according to who wrote them or published them) to be later put down as villains! It is getting so that, if the individual has not experienced a certain matter, it is almost impossible to believe a written report. Is this not ‘divide et imperia’? One news station presents a ‘completely factual’ report about a person then the next station has a completely different point of view, even if facts were proven by the other station! The poor populace does not know what or whom to believe!
     Has anything at all been accomplished by all the executive orders issued by the president? They have only created monstrous legal battles and horrendous bills (charged to the taxpayers) as each order has been challenged by the courts throughout the land! Trump has accomplished one thing: chaos among the elected officials of our country. They none know on which side of the bread the butter goes! ‘Divide et imperia’! But, we must remember, very little has been accomplished in Washington in the past twenty years because of irreparable divisions among constituents! Once again, this has worsened in the Trump administration as he is ‘too quick on the trigger’ to renounce even those of his own party (if he even has a party!) It is disgusting how the president berates those in his close cabinet!
     So, with everyone busily defending, protecting, and covering up, who in reality is running the country? If the sheep are left untended, the wolf is free to devour!