Who Owns Your Body?
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 by Jon Burras
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       This body of ours is an amazing thing. It gives us so much opportunity to sense and feel our way through the world. We can laugh, cry and sob all at the same time. We can hike, run and swim without skipping a beat. This creation by a higher force than ours has bestowed on us something mighty and beyond imagination.

     Yet we seem conflicted these days about the actual ownership of our own bodies. We cannot understand who is the actual owner of these bodies, every muscle, cell and piece of connective tissue. It is as if God created a mold to sculpt our bodies and forgot to give us the "pink slip" in order to claim ownership.

     For instance, over the last few years the world has been besieged by a viral pandemic that has led to one catastrophe after another (both financially and from a health perspective). Deciding how to handle this pandemic has led many to believe that the state (federal, state or local) owns your body. In many cases, this has led to vaccine mandates and forced vaccinations for children to go to school or adults to go to work. Significant pressure and punishment is now being applied by many state agencies because the "state" believes that it owns your body and not you.

     There are many common citizens who follow this premise. These are usually the more liberal (Democrat) crowd who have a stronger belief in more government control with bigger and more powerful government. When it comes to vaccine mandates and punishment for the unvaccinated, the liberal wing of America is much more likely to believe that a citizen does not have the right to choose what happens to his own body. The state can do whatever it wishes (like force untested or experimental drugs into someone) because the state owns your body.

    Regarding vaccines and vaccine mandates, the more conservative side (Republican) most frequently believes that an individual has a God-given right to his or her own body. The state should never force a citizen to do anything to the human body that the owner of that body does not wish to happen. This more conservative approach believes that the state is violating a basic human right to "body ownership" by the individual when forced vaccines are mandated.

     Here is where things get very confusing. When it comes to the abortion issue, everything is almost always reversed. A conservative most frequently believes that a woman does not have the right to choose what happens to her body. If she becomes pregnant she is not allowed to abort the baby because the state has control over her body. She does not have "choice" according to the more conservative leaning mentality. A human life is at stake and according to the more conservative viewpoint, a woman cannot choose to end the life of an unborn baby because the state is in control of all life.

     And once again, the liberal leaning voice has flipped the pages once again. While most liberals believe that the state owns your body when it comes to vaccines, the liberal voices most frequently believe that the state should have "hands-off" when it comes to abortion. A woman has "the right to choose" what happens to her and her unborn baby. The state is stepping over a significant "red line" when it tries to take over a woman's body and tell her what she can and cannot do with her unborn child.

     If you are not as confused as I am by now then you must be of a superior brain capacity or have reached nirvana by now. Can we keep flip-flopping when it is convenient for our argument? How can we actually believe that in one case the state has the right to own your body and in another case the state has no right to your body?  It is almost as if someone claimed to be a vegetarian Monday, Wednesday and Friday and the rest of the week they ate meat.

    I don't know about you but I will be searching all weekend in my drawers and files for my human pink slip. It must be filed away somewhere. In the meantime, I am sure that the normal amount of chaos will ensue.