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 by Laramie Boyd
Who Do You Believe?
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        Why do they say African Americans vote mostly for Democrats? Is it because that party gives them freebies that the Republicans are reluctant to shell out? Why do the "evangelicals" vote for Republicans? Is it because Democrats just aren't that into religion? Why is Donald Trump winning so many states when polls say he isn't quite the most admired person running for president? Is it because his is a refreshing call for government overhaul? Who are we supposed to believe? Just your political party of preference, or your religion of preference? Who can we trust to give unbiased answers to complicated issues?
        The Bible says the Universe was created by God in just six days. Stephen Hawkings says it took billions of years before there was even any space or time or matter, let alone the Earth and any life on board. And it didn't take a "Creator." Is it "an eye for an eye?" Or "Turn the other cheek?"
        Charles Darwin wrote that we humans evolved from "lower" forms of life, the first ancestors having crawled out of slimy seas. Carl Sagan once said that we are all made out of the same things stars are made of. Albert Einstein's Theory of Relativity says the faster you travel the slower you age, your body shortens in length, and you become heavier. Some people say they've boarded alien ships, and others swear they've even seen extra terrestrials.
        Some scientists say the Earth is warming catastrophically, while others scoff at the idea. There are those who say the report of man landing on the moon was a hoax. There are some scientists who propose that there are other Universes besides the one we live in, while some believe that living things, including humans, only dwell on Earth.
        Some historians want us to believe that Adolph Hitler was a mild mannered sort of guy, and others believe that Jesus Christ was also just a regular man. And there are those who have seen "The King", Elvis, a short time ago. Does the Loch Ness monster ring a bell, or Bigfoot, or children who recite events that they say they experienced that would only be possible if they had lived a previous life?
        Anymore it's getting so I don't even know who to vote for. I don't know who to believe, or even if I should believe either party. I've voted both ways in the past, but nowadays it seems the party in power, which ever one it is, doesn't do the things they said they would, and there's no reason to think that a different party will do what they say they will do if they get elected. Politicians say what they think we want to hear to get elected, or what lobbyists pay them to say, while some TV news programs act like they stick to a party line slant on the news, and so what is passed off to the rest of us purportedly as real news is, to say the least, suspect. Who do you believe?