Where There's A Little Smoke...!
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This is not the first time the Clinton's have had controversy in their doings!

Whitewater has never been cleared up in the minds of some folks. Mr. Clinton's assertion, "I did not have sex with that woman!" has become an albatross around his neck for years to come. His questioning the use of the two letter word, 'is', will forever haunt him. It seems to me that Americans sometimes forget that a person perjured himself in front of everyone who watched the news at that time. Clinton ended up repenting to the American people for all his wrongdoings.
Who am I to cast the first stone?

On the other hand, the world has become a basketball court for Trumpisms! How are we to believe a person, who one minute says hurtful things about other people, then turns around and affirms that he did not mean it that way? What exactly does Mr. Trump mean? Is Mr. Trump squeakier clean than all his opponents? Where there's a little smoke….

At Grimsleyville Elementary School, in the county of Buchanan in the state of Virginia, I had a teacher who took literally 'nothing' from her mountain born students. Some of them were said to 'pack a razor in their lunch bucket' and this school only went up to the seventh grade. One day she was using a wooden paddle on one of my overgrown cousins, when, all of a sudden he threw up his calloused knuckles splintering the paddle into several pieces. Mrs. Wade always kept a spare paddle in a drawer of her desk. This cousin was supposedly involved in some shenanigan that had gone on at recess involving several children. Upon questioning her one time about her lack of discretion when it came to who was involved in a certain fracas, her reply was, "Where there's a little smoke, there's bound to be a little fire!

John Boehner has suddenly resigned his position as Speaker of the House and his long-standing Congressional Representative position for the state of Ohio. After a meeting, with the pope of Rome, did he suddenly have pangs of sorrow for holding up House proceedings for so many years? What does Rome have to gain from Boehner's resignation? What does anyone stand to gain from losing all that knowledge he has gained about the workings and procedures of America? Maybe Boehner intends to go into the priesthood!

Now Hillary Clinton is on the hot seat. Thursday, Sept. 24, 2015, Bill Clinton blamed Republicans, and the Press, for Hillary's drop in the polls. On Friday, Sept. 25, 2015, the Obama Administration came up with a chain of new emails that Hillary had failed to turn over when she provided, what she said, was a full record of her work-related correspondence when she was secretary of State. The existence of these new emails tells us that maybe she has still not turned over the entirety of her work emails yet. What is Hillary really hiding? What does Bill stand to gain if Hillary is elected President of the United States in 2016? Will he be her Chief Advisor for ethics in politics? Around 58% of Americans are saying that Hillary downright lied about the emails from the beginning of the controversy. "Where there's a little smoke, there's bound to be a little fire"!

These are questions that haunt me, and I have no interest in things political. I was totally burned in the 1964 pursuit of the presidency by Barry Goldwater. What a fiasco that turned out to be as Barry was accused of sundry, un-conservative actions. I began to wonder, who can we trust in politics? Instead of things getting better since Goldwater, they have grown to such proportions of un-fixedness, (new word) that America is groveling for a candidate. If Pope Francis ran for president of the United States at this time, he would probably win by an overwhelming majority. Stranger things have happened when the church and state controversy became confused.

Meanwhile, we will hope, that the lesser-flawed candidate will win the election in 2016. Is any one candidate squeaky clean? Where there is smoke….

Who to Run!!
Human's are so flawed, it's funny,
We even have a candidate!
Trump, with his "I didn't mean it"!
Hillary with her e-mail woes.

Congressmen are bailing like rats,
From the G.O.P. ship of State,
No one wants to shoulder the blame,
When she makes her final bowing.

The Dems are not much better off,
Infighting within the party,
Trying to see who's most liberal,
What if they implode from within?

Let's find us another Lincoln
Or possibly a Washington,
Someone, way off in the mountains,
Who has a little common sense!