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          Did I fall asleep? Was I in a coma? Did I trip and fall into a time warp? Was I driving too fast and crash into a wormhole?
          The reason I ask these questions is because I’ve read in our newspapers and watched on our television the growing ascendency of one Donald Trump towards the presidency of the United States of America.
          This February Trump spoke at a gay rights conference and that started an interest in him as a presidential hopeful – a “serious” candidate.
          A few days ago, while enjoying a cup of decaf coffee at our local coffee shop, three retired friends of mine sat around, discussing the state of the union.
          One of the men said, “Can you believe that Donald Trump is really thinking about running for president of the U.S.?” My friend answered, “Listen, a few years ago we would never have bet that we would have a black president, so anything is possible.”
          My other friend chipped in, “I don’t think Trump has a prayer in hell to either run and secondly, to win the presidency. The only chance he has to get in the race for real is for the country to get in far worse shape than it is in today –and unfortunately, that is possible.”
          I added, “I agree, there is a possibility of our country getting in worse shape than it is now. My tall friend said, “We are at a political stalemate. The two parties are running for office already. It appears that the goal is to get re-elected rather than solving the monumental problems facing us. The Democrats are promising to raise taxes on the rich and to preserve the welfare state. The Republicans are promising to cut taxes and reform the welfare state.”
          Wherever you go the growing lack of trust in government is evident.
           I said, “Gentlemen, we have created a governmental monster. A monster that has an appetite for billions of tasty dollars. Let me ask you this, “What do you think would happen if the federal government was to withdraw just half of the funding it gives to defense spending in your area? Do you realize what would happen to the thousands of jobs dependent on federal money? Property values would diminish, unemployment would be rampant. There’s no way the feds could stop pouring the money into defense spending. The result would be a disaster.”
          Our country is faced with long term problems and it does not appear they will be rectified in the near future – or even in the long term.
          We have problems with immigration, the deficit, taxes, health care reform, Social Security and Medicare reform. We have oil and gas prices going through the ceiling.
          We are embroiled in a war in Afghanistan that begs the question, “Why are we even there?”
          Middle class incomes are stagnating. We are headed to become the world’s second largest economy.
          Seventy percent of Americans think the country is headed in the wrong direction.
          Two thirds of Americans think the nation is in a decline.
          Over sixty percent of Americans are opposed to raising the debt ceiling.
          During most of our history a guy like Donald Trump would be laughed off the political stage. The thought of a Donald Trump running for president of the United States would cause a massive national snicker.
          The Donald has no political experience. He’s never campaigned. Doesn’t offer any clear answers or suggestions to our country’s problems.
          Now Trump is inching into an area of becoming an authentic candidate. It was Trump who practically coerced the president of the United States to produce his legitimate birth certificate.
          As of this point nobody knows how our country’s problems will be resolved. The nation is divided about which party can do a better job of handling our problems.
          In the meantime the Trumpster is inching ahead in polls.
          Could it be possible that a few years from now radiating golden letters spelling “Trump Towers” could be reflecting sunlight from the top of the White House.
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