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by Ron Cruger
Where is our new president?
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        I realized, as I watched the most recent presidential debate, that I was watching a show, a serious attempt to attract and keep viewers. A ratings tool. This edition of the debates originally began with some mean-hearted and loaded questions and now feature mundane and pedestrian queries.
        The candidates wear presidential appearing suits and ties. Theyíve rehearsed their presentations with acting and presentation professionals. Theyíve studied questions that may be asked of them.
        So, where does this leave us poor, innocent viewers? Iíll tell you where it leaves me. With bupkis!
        Letís run down the list of presidential candidates and their chances of being the next elected president of the United States.
        Letís start with Ben Carson. The man doesnít have a tinkerís chance of winning an election. Neither does Rand Paul, as smart as he is.
        John Kasich should give his apologies and look for another career. Rick Santorum hasnít a chance to proceed. Ted Cruz wonít advance to the ballot, heís just too scary.
        Bobby Jindal ought to stay local where heís liked and appreciated.
        Bernie Sanders, nice guy, itíll never happen. Move on.
        Hillary Clinton, with little opposition from either side, could advance and possibly emerge triumphant.
        Carly Fiorina, címon, letís get serious. Not a chance in hades.
        Third Party candidate Jill Stein. Forget it. Busy work.
        George Pataki, tall and smart. Go home George. Youíre done.
        Lindsey Graham, a tip top politician. Get ready for a vacation. Chris Christie. America wants a toughie to lead us. Christie is tough, but being president calls for more than a smart mouth.
        Mike Huckabee. Puhleeze. Not a chance.
        Jeb Bush. Good name. Seems like a nice guy. You know where nice guys finish. Read what Vince Lombardi says about them.
Marco Rubio. Picking up steam, but thereís something missing. Almost as though he has too much common sense. Believe it or not thatís what many think of our current President, too much common sense.
        Donald Trump. Amazingly enough, heís displaying something the American people want. Kind of. They just donít want all the other stuff that comes with it.
        Jim Gilmore. Címon, move on.
        Lawrence Lessig and Martin OíMalley. Gíby.
        God bless all of them. And God bless all of us.
        Letís hope that by some miracle someone arises from the turmoil and clouds to become our nationís true leader Ė Strong, smart,     charismatic, trustworthy, communicative and honest.
        Letís hope.