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When Will the Drought Truly End?
 by Frank Shortt
     California has experienced a drought for water for several years running. Residents have had to ration and pay higher prices for the most important commodity existing. We simply cannot survive without a steady supply of clean water!
     California’s forests have suffered devastation and ruin creating much work for wood sellers, loggers, and mountain home owners. Bark beetles got fat from the sap of evergreens, and these same beetles became prey to sapsuckers and woodpeckers. Finally, the smoke from burning piles of wasted wood was blown away in the breeze!
     Another drought that California has been suffering is a drought for truth. Attitudes are shaped by whichever way political winds are blowing. Hatred is rampant as political parties disagree on, even sane policies that would help humanity. It is too bad that neither party will make a firm statement about a large segment of the U.S.A. known as DACA. It has become a political football to be bounced around at the expense of helpless human souls up for the highest bidder. Also, how dare anyone use another human being for political gain?
     Another issue, of great importance, that I have at this time is how that, finally, someone has been able to reach the, seemingly, unapproachable North Korean Regime, but is having to hear far-left analysts remind the North Korean leader that Trump, in the past, has called him “Rocket Man”! Do they not realize the seriousness of this situation? Are they so hell-bent on destruction that they intentionally keep things stirred up for the sake of graphic news casting? There is an old proverb stating, “There is a time to talk, and a time to refrain from talking!” It is my belief that this is a time to remain quiet until we see what transpires between these two sworn enemies. With all his faults, Trump seems to be trying his best to defer the Nuclear Holocaust that men have been predicting since the birth of the nuclear age. No other U.S. regime has been able to reason with Kim Jong-Un. So let us sit quietly and ‘judge nothing before the time’ and allow the political machine to play out this momentous parleying!
     This article came to mind as I viewed a photo taken by my wife of tear-like droppings from the leaves of a dogwood tree. We all know the legend of the dogwood tree, so will defer a description to a later date for the uninformed. Why would the dogwood weep for joy? Was it maybe because he was spared death in all the drought conditions? Was it because all nature around him was taking a fresh, clean breath, a resurrection, or phoenix, was arising from the ashes of the many bonfires set by men bent on clearing the land? Whatever the reason, he weeps, he sighs as he shows his relief, awaiting the next great challenge hoping that the next great challenge will not bring sorrow!
     Ideally, it would be a great thing for Americans to show some tears of remorse, some of hope, some of joy that finally, someone has taken the bull by the horns to try and stop the impending devastation of Nuclear Desolation! We should all be weeping for the realization that, for another summer, we have enough water to sustain life in California. DACA is another matter. How long will the “Winds of War” loom on this issue? How long will men continue to lie to each other for the sake of “A way to make an easier living” known as a political office?
     Now as Nature heals itself in the forests of California, as small shoots of Evergreen trees push up from the lush, fertile soil of the Sierras, it is a time to rejoice. The bark beetles lie dormant for a while, sapsuckers will return to the telephone poles for their sustenance, and woodpeckers will continue to do what they have been doing for thousands of years! Let us rejoice and be glad that we have another day to manifest the life that has been given to us freely! Maybe things are not as bad as some of us think, for the present as least!