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 by Laramie Boyd
When in Enough Enough?
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     I don't know about you, but I'm tired of hearing about so and so "coming out", that is, revealing that they are gay or lesbian. Over and over again, day after day, some well known person or someone who thinks they are famous believes the world should stop spinning while they shout the fact that they prefer to be romantic with someone of the same sex rather than of the opposite sex.
     The reasons given by those who think they are unique with the fact that they only make love with those with the same gender vary. Some say they were molested by someone of the opposite sex during childhood. Some say they were bullied by someone of the opposite sex at school. Some say they are just attracted to someone of the same sex, and it started at an early age. Many believe they were born that way, and that it's only natural. Others say they tried to not lon g for companionship of someone of the same sex, but couldn't succeed.
     In any event, maybe it's time the coming out headline fanfare era is coming to a close. Maybe those coming out should just let it be known to those near and dear to them, to families, churches, athletic teams, their workplace, wherever they are that they want those people to know. They don't need to amplify a personal way of life as though it's the second coming of Jesus Christ, with precise timing so as to reap any rewards of notoriety or financial gain. Few people will admit that they care anymore about someone else's sexual persuasion. It does not send a shock up and down the San Andreas fault line nor does it need to be the daily topic on the talk shows or Olympic venues. Twitters aren't necessary, or facebook, or instagram, or whatever else broadcasts the news. Surely even The Donald could care less. So come out, come out wherever you are, gently, please, and just be what you are and move on, quietly.
     I believe we all have a right to be who and what we are, as long as no one is hurt by that, and that I have no right to publicly belittle or make negative accusations about the private life of others. And that a person's political and religious and sexual life should be private, as mine are. I may not like any of those values of another, and they may not like mine, but remember, as a brilliant cartoon in the Desert Sun newspaper in Palm Springs, California posted, the values of any one person are not "right" and those who disagree with those values are not stupid. They just differ.
Looking around, it seems as though the sexual harassment issue is in the limelight now anyway. I guess we'll have to suffer through the ups and downs, truths, lies and false claims as well as the legitimate accusations involved in that scenario that's in vogue nowadays, Let's hope that the inquiries into the allegations reveal that the accusers are truthful and that the guilty are punished. Is that too much to expect? It probably is.