What Will Tomorrow Bring, I Wonder?
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 by Laramie Boyd
        For those of you who did not grow up with a "silver spoon" in your mouth, does any of the following scenario sound familiar? ( By the way, if you don't already know, the "silver spoon" phrase means that as you were growing up, you had most of your wishes granted by your parents and didn't really have to do much manual labor and if you were lucky enough to attended college all your bills were paid for, maybe you were even given a car and entertainment expenses, your books were paid for, and you probably didn't have to worry about a job when you graduated).
        Was your family relatively poor, with not much money for "extras" like nice clothes, three well rounded meals a day, with desserts, a bicycle, a ride to school every day, a weekly allowance to spend as you wished, your own bed in your own bedroom, and other niceties? At school, lunch was what you found in a brown paper bag you took from home. And when you got home you had household chores to finish before supper or playtime.
        You never really thought much about college, as you felt your folks probably couldn't afford such a luxury. But, along with working part time, maybe you got a loan to go to a junior college. If you did somehow get into a state college, there would be no joining of fraternities, no car, and you bought used books. Repaying all of your loans would come later.
        Then if you were able to graduate and get a good job with a decent salary, got married and had children, had a nice car and decent home, paid your taxes and bills, tried to save enough to help your own kids go to college, after a while a strange reality came into your life. You saw others who took a different path. People who didn't want to work or go to school, who got into drugs, who had run-ins with the law, people in the country illegally, those who wanted to get benefits handed to them free that you had worked hard for.
        What happened? The President and Congress, the "elite" elected few, continued voting themselves total health benefits, use of fine cars, gas allowances, secretarial help, lengthy paid vacations, immunity from most laws, all of this that we tax payers had to pay for. And these people spent their days passing one law after another that directed our lives in such a way that we lost control of those who were supposed to work to better the country not just to help themselves, and, in reality, there was little we could do about it. "Big Brother" took over. And the most important goal of the lawmakers, to get re-elected, became paramount. Laws were passed that provided handouts intended to be exchanged for votes. If you didn't work, for whatever reason, there was unemployment pay, or welfare money, or food stamps, government loans you didn't need to repay, money for people who were illegal residents that included health benefits, drivers licenses, and free education, all sorts of ways to live a reasonably good life just for the asking, in exchange for the almighty vote. And guess who paid. The hard working, steady, tax-paying citizens who sacrificed to get where they were and had money in the bank because of their efforts. So Uncle Sam decided to dig into that pocket. Why? Because it was there. The man in the striped red, white and blue suit and tall hat had bills to pay, wars to wage. When he said "I Want You", on the WW II posters, he really meant it, and he got us. These things, I believe, along with our continued involvement in unnecessary wars, have caused the potential economic disaster our country faces today.
        Paul Harvey, a legendary radio commentator on ABC made a few comments about the government way back in 1965 that could stand repeating today. Some say his statements were indeed very prophetic, as he pointed out a few things he would do "if he was the Devil", and paraphrasing some of them is too easy to resist. First he would convince Man that they created God, not that God created Man.
        Then he would whisper to young people that the Bible is a myth, and that hard work is demeaning, while cocktail parties are worthwhile, and moral conduct is not what it is cracked up to be. He would teach people to pray "our Father, who art in Washington".....
        As the Devil, Mr. Harvey would make lurid movies and literature so exciting that all else seemed uninteresting and boring, threatening TV with dirtier movies and movies with dirtier TV. He would urge more loafing on jobs, peddling of drugs and alcohol, and taking pills for every ailment. He would encourage schools to tone down discipline, and courts to favor pornography and remove God from the courthouse, the schoolhouse and Congress. (Was a little boy's prayer to God in a recent website article really answered? He asked God why he allowed so much violence in schools. God told the little boy that He wasn't allowed in the schools?)
        Acting as Satan, Mr. Harvey would deify science so men would be smart enough to create super weapons but not wise enough to control them. More and more the Devil would take from those who have and give to those who want, without earning it, so as to kill any incentive of the ambitious. "In other words", Paul Harvey said, "If I were Satan, I'd just keep on doing what he's doing." How much observation and insight does it take to realize that some of these "predictions" have come to pass? Or are we all in some form of virtual denial?
        Well, the World did not end on December 21, thankfully. The President took a vacation in the midst of the Congressional battle to prevent the country from falling off the "fiscal cliff", and then announced that he would sacrifice and "cut his Hawaii trip short" and attend to business. California's payroll system is on the verge of collapse, citizens are stockpiling guns before Congress starts banning them, so I guess it's business as usual. For all of you Christians, I hope your celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ was Merry and inspiring, although He was banned from some of the celebrations. And to everyone else, do not let our government take away your right to own or not own a gun, or to express your religious views if you have any, or to celebrate these rights in the manner you choose, just as long as you do not take away the rights of others in doing so.

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