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All of us have looked or are looking for that friend, lover, wife or husband that fits us. We want the people we’re close with to have certain personality characteristics. Some will settle for less, others need more.
          I recently asked some of my friends and relatives to give me a list of the top ten attributes they have or will look for in someone they would want close to them. The lists that follow were submitted by normal, decent, seemingly wholesome and happy people.
          Perhaps you could match your lists against these. Or, perhaps, some of these attributes will spark you to add them to your list. Each list of ten is from one person. They are not listed in terms of their importance.
The silent society
Person A
-Open minded
-Sense of humor
Person B
-Good sense of humor
-Fun loving
-Wide range of interests
-Independent nature
Person C
-Ability to love
-Caring for others
-Ability to change
Person D
-Sense of humor
-Hard worker
Person E
Person F
-Belief and love
 In themselves and others
-Seeking happiness
 In all situations
-A fearless attitude
 No matter the task
-Seeking good in themselves
 And others
-Forgiving when justified
-A true sense of value
 For oneself and others
-Giving to others
Person G
Person H
-A sense of the ironic
-A sense of the ridiculous
-A love of Cherry Garcia
 Ice Cream