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by Ron Cruger
What to do with Trump
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       Let’s be honest. There’s nothing on television like watching Donald Trump bloviate like a high school kid drunk on his first two bottles of beer.
       I found myself choosing to watch The Donald speechify rather than viewing something with some educational value or something that actually contributes to my, or the nation’s well-being. I chose to watch Trump before I watch another re-run of “Blue Bloods,” or laugh at the vacuous humor of “The Big Bang Theory.”
       What the man says and how he says it is rare for one wanting to be president of the United States, in fact, his dialogue would more closely match a longshoreman in his cups at Mike’s Beer Joint.
       There must be millions of dulled-down Americans who are solidly behind Mr. Trump and his disregard for political correctness. Millions of Americans shout at their television screens when Trump belches out a stream of insults about TV newslady Megyn Kelly. “Yeah, give it to them, Trumpster.” The Donald promises that he will build soaring fences and walls between the U.S. and Mexican borders and Mexicans will foot the bill. “Way to go Trump,” yell the masses.
       Upon being named President of the United States, Mr. Trump will greatly enlarge our military forces, eliminate crime in our streets, improve education for our children, re-negotiate trade deals between the U.S. and all other countries.
       What about taxes? Oh, that. Well, the Trumpster will sit down and reason with members of Congress and arrive at a figure that will make everyone happy. “Atta way to go Mr. T.”
        What about Mr. Putin and Russia? Trump says that “Putin looks like a guy we can talk with.”
       “And what about health care, Mr. Trump?” “No problem, I have some great friends, really outstanding people, who will make up a plan to give everyone in America the best health care on the planet and our costs will go down too.” Once again, millions of Americans look at their TV screens and shout, “Yeah, Trump, you got it, man. Lead the way, we’re with you.”
       Somehow, Trump has reached in and tapped the inner feelings of millions of Americans. He knows our frustrations with our politicians. He has studied the goals of each of our political parties. Foremost is the wish for each party to do all possible to have the other party fail.– the more spectacular the better. Our citizen’s wishes and welfare be damned.
       Trump believes he’s the leader who can bring the Democrats and Republicans closer together.
       Just a bunch of good old boys, sitting around, gently bargaining and creating a new and cooperative way to get things done.
       I’d like to believe all of Trump’s inventions. If I did I’d be one of those citizens who watch him on television, believe him and yell, “Way to go, man, you can do it. We’re with you.”
       But to be realistic I’d probably be better off watching a “Seinfeld” re-run.