What the Moon Saw
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 by Frank Shortt
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Eerily, the moon rose above the eastern foothills of San Jose. It seemed to rest between two dark pines as observed by one lone citizen. Strange scenes transpired as life commenced below skies darkened by thunderous storm clouds.

One chariot of the highways, too rich for the neighborhood, contained four cannabis imbibers; one pusher, and three avid partakers of the acrid weed. These three emitted coughing spasms with each puff revealing their inexperience with the noxious plant.

Another lone, mentally handicapped man, known only as Romeo, puffed Camels, stolen from his doting aunt. He puffed one after the other as if someone furtively approached to steal his filched supply of nicotine! As he puffed, he thought, “How am I ever going to escape the prison of my aunt’s house and be on my own?” He did not realize that he lacked the mental capabilities to care for himself. His only source of income were the cans and bottles retrieved while dumpster diving throughout the complex where his aunt resided. The whole burden of Romeo rested upon his aunt!

A homeless girl, who chose that way by running away from home, searched these same dumpsters for stale food. Unaware that anyone watched, she sampled several morsels from a soiled plastic bag. She almost dropped the filthy old blanket that enwrapped her whole body, only her eyes showing. She had been asked to leave by several residents of the complex, some even offering to take her to one of many homeless shelters run by an inept city council. Inept? because they chose to throw more money after wasted money trying to solve the quickly growing homeless situation. The girl, after gagging down the stale sandwiches, proceeded to her chosen lair against a cold stone fence where she would attempt to sleep out the night without being rousted by all too avid security guards!

She thought no one saw! But the moon saw! The moon saw, even where she slept, as the lunar orb passed silently over where she lay. A dark dawn approached as the moon sank beneath the western horizon. The sun arose, seeming to pose between the same dark pines, erasing all that the moon had observed. What will the sun see?

This is only one night of incidents that transpires in a crowded city. Multiply this by countless cities throughout the United States and then one can begin to see why the U.S. is sinking into depravity. The question is, “does anyone care what is happening? Does every act require a price tag in order to get someone to rise up and say how things really are and come up with some solutions?

The three pot smoker’s parents work from daylight to dark to make a living, leaving no time for their children. The lone smoker’s aunt is almost immobile, leaving Romeo to fend for himself. The homeless girl’s parents have given up hope of ever helping her as she has run away from home many times. This leaves the overtaxed city governments to solve everyone’s problems, bringing the whole thing back to the over-burdened tax payers to foot the bill. Then, when any leader comes up with a plan to solve some of the problems, that leader is accused of racism, favoritism, bigotry, hatred, and unfair practices! Is it any wonder Christ was crucified?

The moon has observed a lot of things down through the ages!