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by Ron Cruger
What the hell has happened to us?
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        Our recent U.S. presidents have been a variety of individuals. We go from George Bush, senior, the guy who said "Read My Lips" and later on hoped you hadn't followed his instructions. But George H.W. wasn't a bad dude. We have likable Bill Clinton, a man of urges. A lot of people liked him, some hated him. We had the younger George Bush. Many people thought he was a dumb one, but a likable dumb one. And by the way, he wasn't that dumb. Then, along came Barack Obama, a cautious, tip-toeing nice guy, good father and determined gentleman. I have my opinion of each of these ex-presidents. I think they were all, in their own way, strong, opinionated and good Americans who loved their country. I wish them all the best retirement years. They deserve their remaining years to be spent in good health and filled with our appreciation
        Now we come to the two current pretenders to the throne of President of the United States of America.
        And now comes the shocking facts from the multitude of surveys being conducted from the breadth of our land.
        People don't particularly like or trust Hillary Clinton nor Donald Trump.
        Which, translated, means that the next President of the United States will not be liked or trusted by a large segment of our population.
        What the hell has happened to our country? Could it be that the best we can come up with to run this valuable piece of land is a woman who has spent decades roaming the White House and Halls of Congress. A woman who knows the ins and outs of every door in Washington and is close pals with the people who pay the lobbyists who herd Senators and Congressmen and Woman to their desired position when the votes are counted for change in Washington. Is this the best we can come up with?
        What the hell has happened to our country? Is Donald Trump, who would be laughable if he wasn't a candidate for president, really the best we can come up with on the Republican ticket? Is he the best man in our country to lead us for the next four (God forbid eight) years. Is he the best we can point to and say, "He's our president and we like him and we're proud of him?"
        Is this boorish, brutish man the best of us. Does he really represent us. Is he the man we want sitting at the Oval desk when an evil nation attacks our soldiers? Is this the man we want supporting our Constitution when our citizens march for freedom?
        Too many of our citizens are choosing not to vote for president this November election. Too many of our citizens find neither Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump someone they trust to hold the scepter of our U.S. Presidency. Too many of us are saying, loud and clear, "I don't want either one of them to be president, I don't like either one and I don't trust either one."
        Shame on all of us for sitting back and permitting our two political parties to spend millions of dollars on this sickly and effete election process and we wind up with Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump as the best we can offer to the electorate.
        We should be ashamed of ourselves for being lazy and lethargic in permitting the process to select two people we don't trust or like to run for president. Ennui will be our downfall.