What's Left to be Thankful For?
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 by Frank Shortt
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Let's count the blessings we have left
The ones that we take for granted!
We're still able to get good food,
There are food banks on the planet!

Charities still give out clothing
None of us have to go without!
Dentists give out free toothbrushes

To brush our teeth, so don't you pout!

We can attend the church of choice
Take a walk, if that's what we want,
To take off some unwanted fat,
We can even take a fast jaunt.

Some words we think must be unsaid
They're not politically correct,
But most words we're allowed to speak
Let's just make sure that we have checked!

Our hunting guns aren't illicit
Average Joe's don't need machine guns,
To hunt the game that we have left,
Illegal guns he surely shuns.

So let's be thankful for what's left
The freedoms that we presuppose
Eating turkey with clear conscience
What is left? Only Heaven knows!