What is in Store for America?
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 by Frank Shortt
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It seems, if we can believe the media, that there is always something lurking around the next bleak, dark corner. A house divided against itself cannot stand!

As darkness falls across the face of the earth, with wars and rumors of more wars, how are we to prepare. Evil men all over the earth are planning their moves to outdo anyone who could be a threat. There seems to be no staunch allies anymore. When one country falls out with another country, they do not even consider the ones who have helped them in the past. It seems to be dog-eat-dog with no consideration except for the almighty dollar!

We cannot be sure that Iran does not already possess nuclear weapons to annihilate all her foes. Except for economic sanctions most small countries could never survive. In every country there seems to be that one radical element that is bent on destroying all the other people there. Syria has been in turmoil for several years, it cannot be said that something worse will not develop. This has been almost as bad as the American Civil War where brother fought brother, and needless killings have occurred. Can we even decide whether or not the government there is stable? Some of these tribes have been fighting for hundreds of years B.C. It is mostly about water rights!

North Korea gives the aura that she is much larger than she appears on geographical charts. With all the lying and chicanery that has gone on there since, and even before the Korean conflict, can we believe anything their leaders are saying? This small country depends mostly on larger countries for her sustenance. Is she just being used as a pawn in some larger game? Is some larger country encouraging her to keep things boiling so that they can sneak in the back door of some other country and take them over? These are questions that arise in the minds of decent thinking people who have seen the same things occur in the past.

India has her hands full with over-population, and her closest neighbor, Pakistan! Who knows the problems India faces as she tries to solve her problems by saying that “We are the largest in population on earth and we can overrun any other smaller country by sheer force of numbers, if we should decide to do so.” Yet, they claim to be a close ally of the United States of America.

China has taken over as the largest exporter of goods the world over. By her large population and her large economy, she wishes to rule the earth. (I found out early in life that size does not count! A rabbit can easily outrun a cow!) China has been claiming land, not her own and meanwhile provoking other nations. The smaller Southeast nations such as Cambodia, Vietnam, and Thailand have to be constantly on their guard for fear of a takeover from their largest neighbor. China has forgotten that she was once ruled by Japan, a nation much smaller in size and that she was liberated by men from America who helped her to extract the Japanese from her shores. How soon we forget these things.

Africa has revolts and wars on every hand. The populace there has had so many broken promises from zealous leaders that they do not trust anyone anymore! Peace there is far from happening as coup after coup is taking place constantly. When the white rulers were run out of South Africa, it was said that they would now have peace and tranquility. It has been so in some areas, but in others, it has been a struggle.

The potter has control of every lump of clay. There has to be an end to strife, who will have the final say? America has turmoil on every hand and has no business trying to tell other countries how to run their business. In fact, if we would tend to our own business we would save a lot of lives, as well as, billions of taxpayer money! Will they listen to an ignorant hillbilly? I think not!