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 by Laramie Boyd
What's All the Fuss?
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       Donald! Donald! How does your garden grow? Is it true that 13 of your new cabinet are white men? That there is only 1 African American? There is 1 Asian, but no Latinos? Not 1 Democrat? And 9 men who have either never been elected to office or have even run? What's this world coming to? Shouldn't there be just as many women as men? Plenty of Congressmen, from both sides of the aisle? More African Americans and Asians? How about American Indians? Hey, how many Catholics, Protestants, Mormons, and Jews were chosen? Let's even things up here. Leave no one behind. Are you serious? Some people are never happy.
       And the inauguration, for Pete's sake. Only 3 formal dress balls, when Obama had 10 to dance the night away with Michelle. Fewer big name celebs and Congressmen, most opting out from attending. Many citizens are even questioning and will be protesting the legitimacy of President Trump being president, regardless of the Constitutional election mandates he followed. Have the personality feuds with Meryl Streep and Rosie O'Donald and the hundreds of messages sent by the "twitter king" Trump reached epidemic and negative proportions?
       A slew of theories and opinions have been offered as to how and why the new president was elected. None more so than that he offered a fresh change in how the country was governed, had said things that many people agreed with about the government. And some of these apparently seemed to threaten the idyllic way of life of and benefits of working for the government, both elected representatives and those appointed. Like the lack of personal connection to the people. Like the handing out of tax payer money to millions of non-citizens, who were encouraged to defy the law and enter the United States. Like reducing the Armed Forces, that was seen as a blow to the defense of the country, one of the basic responsibilities of the office of the president. Like the banning of religious signs and symbols and words around the country, on federal buildings and private property. Like the obvious decay of moral behavior and decreasing enforcement of the rule of law. And these examples only scratch the surface of events that show the decline (and fall) of the American way of life. Anyone who doesn't see that America is in more turmoil now, much that occurred during the last 8 years, than during any other period in our history, that person has their head in the sand, and simply has an agenda that is not based on simple observation and relevant facts.
       Now, will Donald Trump solve the myriad of problems facing this once great country? It would be foolish to believe that. Many believe he will only cause more discord. But just as people decided to give Barack Obama a chance, to see how he would stand up to the office, maybe the same respect for the office should prevail in the turbulent days ahead. The fact that Obama didn't stand the test spectacularly, should not have any influence on that decision. It might have been said in elections in the past, but surely, if America ever needed a strong leader, it does so now. Give the man a chance. Don't believe everything he says, watch what he does. Then decide.