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by Ron Cruger
"What? Me Worry?"
        If you mean should I worry about the fact that millions of Americans don’t like and don’t trust the two people running for the presidency of these United States. “What? Me Worry?”
        Should I worry about the fact that the man running for the presidency is accused by a number of women of groping them and make unwanted sexual advances? Should I worry that this man, wanting to be our president is accused of treating women as objects rather than equals.
        Should I worry that the woman running for the presidency is accused of saying one thing and doing another. Should I worry that there may be more Americans who dislike her rather than like her?
        Should I care that we are living through the ugliest, most combative, damaging and insulting presidential campaign in our nation’s history?
        Should it bother me that there are millions of Americans who say, “I don’t want to vote for either one of them. What can I do?”
        Should it matter to me that the leadership of Russia is making moves and sounds that could bring them to war with the United States?
        Could it bother me that someone or some nation is firing rockets at our ships in the Middle East and our reply has been a calm, “We don’t like our American ships being fired on.”
        Should I be bothered that millions of Americans have lost faith in Democracy? 
        Does it bother me that the uppermost thought in the minds of many of our politicians is not serving their citizenry, but of being re-elected?
       Could it bother me that the lobbyists in Washington D.C and in our state’s capitols have more power in our Senate and House of Representatives than millions of America’s middle class?
        Should I be bothered that our politicians are in office too long?
        Do our nation’s racial problems bother me? Should I worry that too often the front pages of our newspapers feature Americans killing Americans right on our city streets with powerful military weapons?
        Do I worry that costs of our essentials are rising faster than our middle class wages?
        Do I worry that too many of our poor, our unfortunate and our mentally challenged are living on our streets.
        Could it bother me that the feeling of disrespect for our laws and law enforcement is growing?
        And could it bother me that there are people who show their disrespect by not even standing for our National Anthem?
        Do I worry about our United States of America.
        You bet I do!

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