What Men "Get" To Do
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The economy has been up and down the past few years, this we cannot refute! Sometimes men, in particular, have additional pressure when it comes to his pursuits.

He gets to do a lot of things these days, some jobs not to his liking. It seems that many roles have been changed as, more and more, wives have to go to work outside the home. A lot of men are required to share in the housekeeping department, cutting down on sports times and other recreational venues.

With both spouses working to pay off the exorbitant mortgages(especially in California) the man now gets to take the children to church functions, catechism, etc. and he also gets to take the children to all school functions, such as PTA meetings, Scout Troop meetings, and sometimes he gets to be a den father. How did mothers ever squeeze in all their responsibilities in the past? Such is the modern world!

A man gets to run a lot of things around the house, such as, the vacuum cleaner, the dishwasher, and the broom. Whenever the walls get all marked up by the grimy little hands of their children, he gets to help pick out the paint, and besides that, he even gets to roll the paint onto the walls. The jobs he gets to do around the house are endless!

Because of the different roles taken on by marriages today, most families are known as 'two car families'. There will usually be an old clunker called 'Old Faithful' and then there is a new one to be used for vacation trips, nights out, etc. It is not hard to guess who gets to drive the old clunker. He drew the shorter straw. Sometimes, with all the new technology around, the man may get to drive the Tesla once in a while. And by the way, when they go downtown, which is not very often nowadays, he even gets to feed the parking meter. Leave it to Beaver, and the Nelsons are unheard of in this age of sharing responsibilities. Can you imagine a modern father 'getting' to sit around the house, smoking his favorite pipe, and discussing the new washer and dryer with his neighbor? Does modern man ever get to relax? No! There is grocery shopping that he gets to do! Then he gets to take the children to soccer, baseball, and all the other activities required to be able to keep up with the neighbors!

In most homes, especially in suburbia, the bigger the lot, the better! This requires many chores that a man gets to do. He gets to run the lawn mower and if the lot is big enough he may get to have a riding variety. (This, of course, depends upon his income!) Then, to show the children how he used to have a garden as a child himself, he gets to run the rototiller. This requires a lot of getting to show the children how to hoe the weeds and rake off the refuse.

With the nation being bombarded with female candidates for president, the possibilities of what a man will get to do are myriad. As 'First Gentleman' he will get to lead groups of screaming schoolchildren around the White house. He will get to head all the committees assuring that our families are eating healthy, taking care of our homes, and above all, he will get to appear at all functions of State, smiling and beaming all the while.

As men become overextended in the innumerable things they get to do, he just might begin to think of ways to 'get out of'' a lot of things. There will be a lot of 'hide and seek' games going on between the husband and the wife. (This is just based upon the nature of men in general!) It is assured that there is just one thing a man does not get; "When does this all end?"
(With Father's Day coming up, this will give all our fathers something to think about)

A man knows he is a failure
When he thinks someone waved at him
But instead, the person waved at
His dog!

He knows he is a failure when,
He thinks someone's smiling at him,
But instead, the person smiled at
His wife!

A failure is one who is shunned
By his children and friends alike
Even his wife is ashamed to
Be with him.

He knows he is a failure when
His boss shows much friendship to him
But when promotions arise, he
Is passed by!

How low can a man sink in mire
As other men use his head as
A stepping stone to cross the swamp
Of despair?