What a Waste of Time and Money
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There is talk of destroying one whole segment of history in one fail sweep! Donít people know that destroying objects does not erase a hurt? The only way that hurt can be taken away is by the change of a heart. Laws can be passed to make people respect others, and not be racist against each other, but inevitably, there has to be a change of heart! Otherwise, the same old sore is still festering inside! This goes both ways when there are two sides to a question!

I believe I have a suggestion that will solve the statue question, once and for all. The liberal politicians are saying to destroy every vestige of the Confederate thinkers. They do not realize that they are angering one whole section of America. They are of the mindset that by destroying the image, they will destroy racism and division. This is not so! The conservative politicians are saying, leave everything be and thereby angering another segment of society! Is this leading to search warrants being issued to see if a person has anything in his or her house that pertains to slavery or the Civil War, especially if it mentions the Confederate States?

My suggestion is this: Why not have auctions for the movable items and sell them to the highest bidders. This would remove them from state and federal buildings. If the statues went to the highest bidders, just think of the revenue that the state and federal governments could accumulate! If the bidder chose to melt the statue down and sell it then that is his business. If he chose to put it in a warehouse hidden away from anyone who would be offended, then that would solve the issue of the statue being on public display. At this time of huge expenditures by the Federal Government, I believe that this would take away a large chunk of the deficit!  Also, it would give those who wish to preserve history a chance to do so.

The next question is; What about the other side of the coin where leaders of our country have offended whole segments of our society by their decrees, both Republican and Democrat? Is there to be a scourging of all traces of the Second World War and the participants as pertaining to the Japanese population? What about the German population? What about the Italian population? Should every vestige of that period in history be completely destroyed? Last, but not least, what about the Native American question? Most Americans have at least a drop of Native American blood flowing through their veins. Are we to destroy every item that reminds us of our past history in dealing with all these different populations that make up our diverse society in America? What an undertaking! If a child has a nose that looks like some other race, we would have to cut his nose off and replace it with a nose that more reflects his nationality, which by the way, would be American, if he or she were born in America! We are such children when it comes to deciding who are true Americans and who are not! Anyone born in America is an American. We need to step forward and declare this!

Now for the question of the larger monuments; I suppose we could cut off the nose of each one and sell them to the highest bidder. Then, as each body part sold, the others could be severed and sold at auction. By the time all the monuments throughout America were sold, we would be completely out of debt to the rest of the world and the monuments would have served a great purpose.

As I can see, there is no way we can please all the different groups that make up the United States of America, except to raze the land and start from scratch! But first, letís begin at Washington and clean house there! Then we should start cleaning out each state Capitol, then all the municipalities. As we all know, there is someone in each Federal, State, County, City and municipality that someone does not like or appreciate how that person got there in the first place. In short, letís clean house in America! Then, when we do, letís not make the mistake of naming any building, street, or anything else after a person! Letís use the numbering system instead! After all, what man or woman is so important that they need something named after them?