What Are We Sniffing?
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 by Frank Shortt
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In the 1800’s it was not a common practice for doctors, or anyone else, to wash their hands before performing any kind of intricate work. There was a Hungarian Doctor, Ignaz Semmelweis, who kept telling other doctors to wash their hands in chlorinated water before attending patients. Many lives were saved because of his efforts.  Ignaz suffered greatly because of his insistence on washing hands, even laughed out of many gatherings. He really knew what he was talking about!

Washing hands is such a simple thing, and in light of the present endangerment to society, the Coronavirus, washing hands is a must for everyone. Just one simple precaution can lower the possibility of spreading the virus. Many of us are in too big a hurry to do such an asinine thing, even if it means saving a life, or even spreading a deadly virus. Shouldn’t we be washing our hands after handling the rhetoric that is being handed out in Washington?

Our little pets are such cute little things that we even kiss them on, or near the mouth after they have been outside to do their business. While outside, they sniff every area of their domain, even where other animals, which could possibly be infected with some flu or virus, might have done their business. Many doctors have stated the possibility of our little pets being the ones spreading disease, and we go right on kissing them and caressing them as if nothing could ever happen to us. What are we sniffing?

At present, many politicians are spreading infections of hate and turmoil, without thought of who it may affect. Some of these cannot agree on anything, even in their own parties. Do they not know that the hatred they are spreading around could even affect their loved ones? This leads to the question, what have they been sniffing?

When questioned as to how they would pay for their suggested agenda, there are no clear-cut answers. Really what it all boils down to is that their own constituents, whom they call such loyal followers, will ultimately be affected! There is no free meal! There is no free medicine! There is no free schooling! So, what are these people thinking? Does money grow on trees? After their elections, will there be a, sudden landfall of money, grow up out of the earth and miraculously take care of any one of their proposals?

Some politicians say, “Tax the rich and feed the poor!” This has been tried over and over throughout the history of the U.S. all to no avail. The rich stay richer and the poor stay poorer! Who does it all fall back upon to implement the policies of the ruling class? The overburdened and beleaguered middle class, of course! It seems there might be cause for another Tea Party soon. Oops! I forgot. They tried that a few years ago and it came to nothing!

The question remains, “What are they sniffing?”