What am I missing?
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        What am I missing? Headlines in the papers read "enrollment soars," but only 7.1million have signed up, many less than projected, while 6 million have lost coverage. 41% in one survey support the law, 55% oppose it. Claims were made by the Administration that tens of millions would sign up, which hasn't happened, while there are still tens of millions uninsured. The argument to "Pass the bill to find out what's in it," and the encouraging, yet unfulfilled promise "If you like your health care plan, you can keep it" lingers. The law is a catastrophe like no other. On an editorial page of one newspaper, "The government has not been forthcoming about the major aspects of the program from its exact nature to its exact costs." That goes without saying. In one survey, by 2-1, voters who rate the Affordable Care Act as a very important issue in coming elections disapprove of the law. What can't some people understand about an unpopular law, that does not and will not do what it proposes? Do the supporters of the law truly believe that opponents of the law, over half of the population of the country, are not in favor of improving the health care of American citizens? Health care should be available for all Americans, but does the Affordable Care Act really fill that bill?