What Affects Our Lives
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 by Frank Shortt
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Our lives are affected by many encounters as we travel this section of the universe. As soon as we begin to remember things, those things begin to shape our lives. All the way until our memories start to fade, it is a tale that passed quickly just as January flows to December.

All the injustice we have ever suffered left some kind of impression, negative or positive. We just trust that the positives outweigh the negatives. Each impression remains in a way befitting the situation. These establish our survival mechanism. Problem is, some folks’ psyche demands that they carry grudges their whole life causing them to see everything through a looking glass darkly.

Iniquity, (knowing to do right and not doing it) shapes our very life. We are born into an unbelieving world, as Missouri’s motto states, “Show Me”. Why can’t we just have simple faith that the next moment will happen and something good will come out of that moment? As we watch the negative newscasts on the internet, television, and now our bombasted phones, we are in a constant battle as to what is the truth about the world situation! We may not remember the first lie we ever told, but the next one became easier and easier. Truth is somehow hurled away and we think that we have to tell lies in order to survive.

As we continue to invoke this realm of dreams, our minds become a jumble of lies and then each difficulty we face, our escapist trick becomes easier and easier to invoke. This is when our minds evolve, developing as tatted lace or cobwebs!

Who will we blame for this wayward host of prevaricators? Who is to blame for these men reared to the uncertainty of life? Some will blame an over-protective mother! “She was always hovering over me and not allowing me any freedom of thought!” Some will blame an unbending, assertive father! “He used to beat me unmercifully for even the smallest infraction!” When does a person begin to mature enough to begin taking responsibility for their own actions? What is the answer to all this strife?

Mankind, just as stunned beasts, tend to look backward like a frog to see the mistakes made by our forerunners. This tends to stir up our inward being, causing us to try and not make the same mistakes twice. Then why do we keep making the same mistakes?  Is it because we are driven by the whims of other men and women? Is it because we have watched too many movies about the past and begin to fashion our lives after the criminal instead of the hero? This could be a problem also as some heroes use very nefarious means in order to capture the crook.  Whatever happened to the advice given to us by some of our parents, “Tell the truth no matter what the outcome!”

History tends toward the negative, especially nowadays when everyone in every group has become a crybaby in order to get a free handout from the government! Whatever happened to the capitalist idea of hard work and “saving for a rainy day”? Having been raised on a truck farm, we only had one cow. After she had her calf she was called ‘fresh’ by the old timers. This freshness lasted until her milk bag began to dry up. When this happened, we either bought milk from some neighboring farmer who had more than one cow, or we simply did without milk, buttermilk, and butter! Do the people who are dependent upon the government for their livelihood know that the cow could suddenly run dry? Is this what we really want, to be dependent upon some neighboring country for our milk and butter? What if the neighboring farmer was an old grouch and would not allow us to buy what we needed?

As we put ourselves deeper and deeper into debt growing the national debt, whose lives will be affected by our mistakes? It will be our offspring, of course, who will suffer the pangs of indebtedness. It will take eons to pay off all the countries that were more than willing to put us into a state of being obligated to them in economics. Is not this a means of owning part of our government? Just as we have had in the past, and now have, men who are in the business of lobbying the government for their particular cause, it is on a much larger scale now! We now have entire governments who send their agents to remind the White House about some debt we owe to them and what are we going to do about a certain this or that that will have an effect on their country?

Yes, every action requires a reaction! No matter what we do, it affects someone or maybe even a group. If we only really realized the importance of our actions, I believe we would move less quickly to perform those actions knowing the impact it would have on others!