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          It’s like Muhammad Ali versus Joe Frazier, or the Yankees versus the Red Sox or Stalin versus Roosevelt. Both sides are too busy wishing ill upon the other to accomplish anything constructive that would ease the burdens of their fellow men.
          Now it is the Democrats versus the Republicans; liberal against conservative. Right against left. And of late we can throw in a third combatant, The Tea Party, whatever that is or will become.
          These graying men and women whom we have chosen to represent us in the hallowed halls of Congress and the Oval Office in the White House seem to have but a couple of thoughts in mind as they go about their daily work. Primarily, they must do all possible to get reelected to their current positions in Congress and the presidency. Secondly, they must effectively defeat any measure that the opposition party might propose that would bring them (and us) good fortune or a positive reaction. Naturally, both objectives play as a combination. Don’t let the other party accomplish anything that could gain them a single vote in the next election. Destroy any measure that would bring the opposition an iota of positive acclaim.
          As the hostilities between groups continue our economy ebbs further into the red. The non-partisan Congressional Budget Office has stated that “Only a wholesale reordering of governmental priorities will do.”
          Our federal budget problems are so severe that the nation can no longer afford to continue the status quo of providing governmental services, the federal safety net for seniors and keeping taxes low. At least one of these will have to give.
          Congressional Budget Office director Douglas Elmendorf said, “The federal budget is quickly heading into territory that is unfamiliar to the United States. Attaining a sustainable budget for the federal government will require the United States to deviate from the policies of the last 40 years.”
          And yet, both sides have held to their old, tired and stubborn positions. Republicans refusing to consider new taxes and Democrats resisting cuts to Medicare and other entitlement programs without new revenue as part of a deal.
          We’re not talking about some minor adjustment by both parties. We are talking about the need for major changes that will enable the United States to continue being the envy of the world and the most powerful nation on Earth. The United States is in danger of being reduced to a more common status in the world rankings.
          It is clear that with tax revenues at dangerous lows because of the economic downturn, our federal income is not sufficient to keep pace – and it is not expected to catch up to expenditures in the near future.
          We are roaring towards a double-dip recession – perhaps on a world-wide scale.
          All sides are doing their best (or worst) to blame the other for the stagnant, debt-laden mess we are in. For once and for all everyone should admit that our recent presidents, from Ronald Reagan, to George H.W. Bush to Bill Clinton to George W. Bush all contribute mightily to our nation’s debt. Admittedly, George W. Bush and Barack Obama are the champion debt-makers for our country, with President Obama looking to increase his debt-causing lead in the nation’s liability steeplechase.
          We stand mired in hostilities with mystery men and clandestine groups of fighting men in Afghanistan, promising to win the war at the same time we are stating the date in the near future when we will bring our troops home.
          The news from Afghanistan is of assaults and shelling and groups of suicide bombers. Iraq has never turned peaceful and quiet since the day our military first set foot on its sand.
          Our current president’s survey ratings continue to decline, led in its fall only by our citizen’s opinion of our members of Congress. Americans feel that they are being led by a group of ineffective politicians, able only in their expensive attempts to seek a continued term in office. It is estimated that the forthcoming national election will cost in the vicinity of 5.5 billion dollars.
          In our most recent years our nation has been threatened by a lowering of its credit worthiness, hundreds of thousands of Americans have lost their jobs, many have lost their homes, along with whatever nest eggs they have managed to save, credit has become a difficulty for millions, the stock market swoons on a daily basis. Wall Street gamblers and bankers speculated with our lives and futures, authorizing loans they knew would putrify. And the guilty still walk among us.
          The right battles the left for seats in Congress, forgetting the very reasons they were elected. Democrats debate Republicans, with both sides spewing nonsense and balderdash. Ali versus Frazer, Yankees versus Red Sox, Stalin versus Roosevelt.
          Our president is constantly looking for an acceptable middle ground that will not offend, instead of battling full-steam-ahead for what he believes.
          This nation cannot have a meaningful conversation about our mammoth deficit if tax increases are taken off the bargaining table – and we are still at war.
          This isn’t some baseball game at Fenway Park or Yankee Stadium. This is serious, nation endangering stuff. Millions of American adults and children are jobless and suffering. Our middle class is shrinking into a poorer class.
          It’s time for you in Congress and the White House to stop running for office and get off your soft, cushioned chairs and get to work.
          It could be that we American voters are smarter than you think.
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