We'll See!
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 by Frank Shortt
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     It seems that most ideas perpetrated by our government today are a wait-and-see game. It is a cinch that neither party, Democrat or Republican, will soon give their hand away or give one inch to the other party! This leaves most of us in a quandary!
     One gismo that has most Americans buffaloed is called the economy. In the past few years it has gone up and down so many times that it has been compared to a yoyo. Investment has become a thimblerig game in which companies come and companies go at the drop of a hat. There is very little interest to be had by the hard working middle class. Money must be invested for several years in order to get even a 2.5 percent return. Then one cannot be sure whether the investment company will be around to pay the interest when the time runs out. In the old thimble and pea game only the shyster knew for sure where the pea was located, most of the time it was under none of the thimbles. To be a good thimblerig operator, the game provider must know great sleight-of-hand tricks.
     Another doodad being used in America is someone’s ability to stir up the opposition, by keeping them guessing, raising their ire to a fever pitch, until they just simply give in out of sheer frustration! In short, if you tease a dog long enough he will eventually bite you. It seems that the present Administration has the ability to get what they want by offering what seems to be a better deal than what the opposition offers. “We will do this if you will soften your policy on that!” When you are dealing with businessmen, who knows what gimmick will appeal to the competitor. What makes one unhappy is the very thing the opposing party is looking to gain.
     The ‘hootenanny’ that is called politics, by some, has become a stench in the nostrils of a lot of Americans. It is impossible to know what thingamajig will be presented to our citizens next. One says we should have open borders. Another says we need to build a wall to keep all illegals out. When the parents of illegal children come to the border and shove them across thinking that they too will be given entrance, this is both immoral and unthinkable. Anyway, this is how I see it. Who knows what gimcrack will show its head in the future?
     There is one thing for sure! Our country has been divided by wrong information, some call it fake news, and also, there is a lot of chicanery being offered by both parties. The widget of answering every question with ‘we’ll see’ is not wrong in itself, but when will the actuality of that statement be made manifest? When a leader of a country is planning something big, that leader should sit down and count the cost before he commits himself to that undertaking.
Will the border wall be built? We’ll see!
Will Mexico pay for that wall eventually? We’ll see!
Will Congress come together to do what is right by DACA? We’ll see!
Will North Korea denuclearize? We’ll see!
Will the country who holds all the markers of our National debt call those markers in soon? We’ll see!
Will the One who holds the future make His presence known soon? We’ll see!
Then we will know for sure who is really in control! When this happens there will be no gimmicks, gismos, gimcracks, doodads, widgets, thingamajigs, doohickeys, whatsis’, hootenannies, jigamarees, or sleight of hand tricks! It will be done openly and in plain sight!
We’ll see!