Water Shortage, They Cry!
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 by Frank Shortt
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Water shortage! Water shortage! This is the cry all over California by our local governments. Do they believe their own cries of panic? Can we rely upon their judgment?

In every large city, throughout the state, building is being allowed at breakneck speed.

Elaborate high rises are being built on every vacant lot. This is all allowed by our city councils and at the same time they are imposing a 35% reduction of water soon. Herein lays the hypocrisy of government. They are saying, but doing not!

Why all this building? It is because our city governments have come up short, through wasteful spending, and short-sightedness, for tax income, to make ends meet. Why are they so blind? Do they not know that more housing in an area brings a need for more police protection? Do they not know that more housing means more people, thus more traffic congestion? Does this not produce more pollution and a larger drain on the, already overloaded, welfare system? Every time a toilet is flushed, four gallons of water goes into our sewer system. On the average, while taking a shower, 35-55 gallons of water is used. The math is easy in determining the amount of water being used by one high-rise community. This does not even take into consideration the water used for drinking and cooking purposes.

The average citizen is helpless to do anything about the decisions made by local governments. Most council chambers are in the busiest areas of the city, making no provision for parking, thus no opposition to their nefarious schemes of carrying out what has already been decided, behind closed doors, at an earlier date.

Do we have a water shortage in California? Yes, the atmosphere, both political and naturally, has become very dry! Lakes, reservoirs, and streams are drying up due to the latest drought. Yes, we do have a water shortage, but, this is being added to by government officials not using their heads for something besides a hat rack!

It was recently declared that the Middle East is facing the greatest water shortage that has been in modern times. This is all due to drought and the influx of tourism in most of the M.E. countries. After all, most M.E. cities are built in the desert! The history of the M.E. is one of battle after battle for the water holes. So has Climate Change been going on all this time? The tilt of the earth has much more to do with water shortage than climate change. As the earth moves closer to the sun, as it has a tendency to do so in phases, the water supply will naturally drain away from the area where it tilts and the temperatures will rise causing more use of water resources through bathing, watering of plants, and natural dehydration due to the high temperatures!

Local governments, especially California, could have saved their water supply years and years ago through desalinination. The U.S. Navy has been doing it for many years through distillation processes. California, probably one of the richest states in America due to the great technology boom, has wasted every effort to obtain fresh water. No, they would rather let the water supplies run low and cry to the Federal Government for help each time there is a crisis. What are our California leaders thinking? Are they assured more personal income because of the antiquated methods to obtain potable water? With all the tax money that has been wasted through the years we could have had water running to and fro from the Great Lakes in great gushes through stainless steel pipes! Expensive you say? Yes, but, after all, California has the richest economy in the World as a single state! Where is all the money going?

The largest desalination plant in the world is at al-Jubail and they are said to make more than 1.4 million cubic meters of water daily. The waste brine is plumed back into the Arabian Gulf. The desalination plant there originally cost approx. 7.2 billion. It costs approx. 2,000 dollars an acre foot to produce and this is roughly enough for a family of 5 for one year.

Claude "Bud" Lewis Carlsbad Desalination Plant is located at Carlsbad, California, opening in 2015,  is purported to be the largest desalination plant in the nation and was at a cost of about 1 billion for the plant and accoutrements. It is said to be the most technologically advanced plant in the U.S. The final product is brought about by reverse osmosis filtration. Could this be a “poster baby” for the desalination industry as California becomes dryer and dryer? It is a fact that desalination is not cheap but neither is millions of deaths brought on by lack of water! As stated before, California has wasted billions of dollars on unfinished and unneeded projects, such as the speed train, enough to have had fresh water to every household in California. Also, the wilderness lakes and streams could have been reserved for California citizens to enjoy.

Grizzly Flat, California, a little 49’er era gold mining community was almost decimated due to lack of water to fight the blaze. It has been said that most of the water used in trying to put out the awful ‘tornado of blazes’ rushing through was from a ladies well in the vicinity of Grizzly Flat. I am sure that with the right leadership California can do a better job of preserving water for emergencies and keeping forests maintained to prevent forest fires, wildfires in general, and supplying water to farmers and the general public as needed.

Ed and Leanne Lee, Evergreen, California residents,  lost their home with all belongings, including their jeep that was taken up recently for safekeeping from vandals in San Jose as both their boys are in college. Children’s furniture, made by Leanne’s grandfather, Joe Texeira, was also taken recently for storage to be used by maybe future generations as it has been used by children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren! Had the forests been maintained between Caldor and Grizzly Flat, there would have been a happier ending to this story as hundreds of citizens lost their homes because of the fire being fueled by the underbrush and dry trees that are leftovers from the last plague to hit the El Dorado National Forest, the, infamous pine beetle infestation! That plague killed millions of trees in its wake and fire did the rest! As of this writing, the Caldor Fire rages on uncontained as, it seems, all concerned were caught with their pants down!

Looks like we are in for a very hot time in California in the following months, unless, the Creator of all things takes a hand!