Water Shortage
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 by Frank Shortt
Water shortage! Water shortage! This is the cry all over California by our local governments. Do they believe their own cries of panic? Can we rely upon their

In every large city, throughout the state, building is being allowed at breakneck speed.
Elaborate high rises are being built on every vacant lot. This is all allowed by our city councils and at the same time they are imposing a 35% reduction of water soon. Herein lies the hypocrisy of government. They are saying, but doing not!

Why all this building? It is because our city governments have come up short, through wasteful spending, graft, and short-sightedness, for tax income to make ends meet. Why are they so blind? Do they not know that more housing in an area brings a need for more police protection? Do they not know that more housing means more people, thus more traffic congestion? Does this not produce more pollution and a larger drain on the, already overloaded, welfare system? Every time a toilet is flushed, four gallons of water goes into our sewer system. On the average, while taking a shower, 35-55 gallons of water is used. The math is easy in determining the amount of water being used by one high-rise community. This does not even take into consideration the water used for drinking and cooking purposes.

The average citizen is helpless to do anything about the decisions made by local governments. Most council chambers are in the busiest areas of the city, making no provision for parking, thus no opposition to their nefarious schemes of carrying out what has already been decided, behind closed doors, at an earlier date.

Do we have a water shortage in California? Yes, the atmosphere, both political and naturally, has become very dry! Lakes, reservoirs, and streams are drying up due to the latest drought. Yes, we do have a water shortage, but, this is being added to by governments not using their heads for something besides a hat rack!
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